How to remove AVG from your computer completely


There are two categories of users, and notit matters how well they understand the personal computer. The first believe that on any PC must necessarily be an antivirus, the latter have the completely opposite opinion. It does not matter which category you belong to, but one day you may be disappointed in your antivirus and want to say goodbye to it or just replace it with a new one. How to remove AVG from the computer if it is bored or disappointed?

how to remove avg from your computer


The most important problem when reinstallingsoftware, responsible for the security of the computer, is its conflict. If you have any traces of the former antivirus, the new one can find them and identify them as viruses, or even refuse to install at all. Similarly, with the question of how to remove the AVG antivirus. It is for the above reason that it remains relevant for a long time. In addition, nobody will like it when his computer and browser are littered with useful but utterly inconvenient utilities. So let's figure out how to remove AVG completely.

First step

As you must understand, removal of the antivirusis a complex and complex process. In order to get rid of the presence of an antivirus, you do not have to do anything supernatural. Before you remove the AVG from your computer, you must prepare it as follows:

  1. The first and most important thing is to log into the computer on behalf of the administrator, otherwise you will not have access to uninstall the program.
  2. Then disable all possible protections. Firewall, antivirus and so on.
  3. Turn off all third-party programs. Removal is best done in a system that does not currently perform any unnecessary actions.
  4. Find out the version of your operating system. Right-click on the "My Computer" icon and select "Properties." There you can find all the necessary information.

Now, after performing all the specified actions, we can go directly to the question of how to remove the AVG antivirus.

how to remove avg antivirus


In fact, there is nothing complicated in this. Everything happens automatically and does not require unnecessary interference from you:

  1. First you need to go to the official website of AVG. There, go to the "Support" tab. A list of programs appears before you. But do not rush to find the right one. Before that, click the "Service" tab.
  2. Now you need to download several utilities: a) an AVG removal tool suitable for the size of your OS and the version of the antivirus; b) AVG Identity Protection removal tool; c) AVG Browser configuration tool.
  3. Now you can proceed with the deletion. First of all, run the utility that removes the antivirus body, its base. Agree with the deletion offer and wait until the process is over. Restart the computer.
  4. Then launch the browser configuration tool. It will need to remove all the buttons and AVG search bars from the browsers. After starting the program, click "Accept", then click "Continue". Remember that all browsers must be closed at this time.
  5. The last step is to remove the IDP utility. We start the means of removing it and afterwards do not forget to restart the personal computer.

how to remove avg completely


Now you know how to remove AVG from your computer. However, before deciding on this, think about the need to protect your "iron friend." Sometimes you can walk for hours on strange sites and pages and at the same time not catch any virus. In other cases, simply close the window of the pop-up banner to catch the infection. Removing any antivirus, remember that the lack of protection on a personal computer makes it vulnerable to absolutely any threats, even those that have long been known to anti-virus specialists. Therefore, before you remove AVG from your computer, think about it several times.

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