How to change the login "VKontakte"? Advice


How to change login «Vkontakte
To enter the site "VKontakte" requires an introductionpairs of identification data, namely the login and password. You can change them at any time. The only condition for this is the availability of up-to-date data. How to change the login "VKontakte"? This is the subject of the current article.

Reasons for changing data

  • Their availability to a third party.
  • The desire to replace the login with a new one.
  • Simplify the authorization procedure on the site.
  • Registration of a new mailing address, purchase of a new number.

How to change the login "VKontakte"?
How to delete

  1. The user needs to go to the site under hiscredentials, that is, enter the nickname specified during registration, the email address or mobile phone number to which the page and password are linked.
  2. After the user appears on the main page of his profile, he needs to visit the "My Settings" section.
  3. The tab "General" should be updated. It contains two subsections for changing data. Here you can:
  • change the email address;
  • change mobile phone number.

How to change the login «Vkontakte

And now more.How to change the login "VKontakte"? Option 1. If you have a new e-mail address, and you want all the notices from the site to come to it, and also use it as input, all you need to do is enter a new address in the field with the corresponding title. After that, visit the mail and confirm the address change by clicking on the link specified in the letter that will be sent from the VKontakte website in a few minutes. These are all the actions that you have to perform. How to change the login "VKontakte"? If it's a mobile number, then you have to put two phones in front of you (one with the current number listed in the system, and the other with the new number you intend to link to the page). After that, click on the button "Change mobile" and enter a new number. Please note that if this number has already been tied up or is still listed after another page on the "VKontakte" site, then you can not use it again. After the successful introduction of data on your old phone, you will receive an SMS message containing a verification code. This is necessary to ensure that the system is convinced that you are the holder of the page, and all of your actions are legitimate. Enter the code in the message in the field on the site and wait for a similar message, but on the second, a new number. At the end of the procedure, you will receive an SMS with information that the data has been changed.

Additional Information

  • How to change login in "VKontakte", if you do not have oneaccess to the old mobile number? Unfortunately, in any way. If you really do not have it, then write a letter to the technical support site, and experts will give you instructions.
  • How to delete "VKontakte" login? It's impossible.Since the login is mandatory for authorization in the system. You can only change it and decide on your own what to enter at the entrance to the site: the e-mail address or mobile number.
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