How to run Sims 4, or All about starting "Sims"


"How to run Sims 4?"is a question that worries many players who so much waited for the release of the next part of the popular simulator.Only, problems arise quite often.Learn before we deal with our topic, let's talk about why they can arise.

how to run sims 4

The root of evil

No creator wants to suffer losses. It's not a secret for anyone. Therefore, EA Games decided to "confuse" the players a bit and create a kind of verification system that makes you think about how to launch Sims 4. It's about checking through the Internet. Something reminds checks Microsoft Windows 7. But unlike "system checks", with game it is much more difficult to struggle.

Also, startup problems can occur due toincorrect installation. As a rule, this is obtained on "pirates". So if you decide not to buy, and download the game, then be prepared for the fact that sooner or later it can "cover with a copper basin." Here are the two main problems that a message might come up with: "Sims 4: the game could not be started". Now let's understand how to prevent such surprises.

Legal user

Usually those who buy computer games inshops, do not think how to run Sims 4. They simply insert the disk and wait until the operating system itself will do everything necessary. It is good or bad to solve it individually. True, even "legal" sometimes have to sweat. In particular, if autorun is disabled on the computer. In this case, many users begin to grow panic. Be afraid that the system did not start the installation on its own, it's not worth it - you need to start it yourself.

sims 4 how to run pirate

So, insert the disk into the computer when runWindows. If Auto Backup is disabled, wait until the computer finishes reading the disk (the noise becomes quieter and less), then go to "My Computer". There in the devices you will find your disk. Right-click on the image and click "Open." In order to run Sims 4, or rather, install it, you need to find the file Origin.exe and double click on it. After that, the computer will install the toy, and you can easily play with the launch from the desktop (a shortcut will be created).

"Pirate" method

But there are other ways to work with Sims 4. "How to run pirate?" - this is the question that interests many users of the World Wide Web. The fact is that few people want to buy expensive games, not knowing what the creator can offer. And after the Internet began to appear feedback that the Sims 4 is a "raw" version of Part 3, and at all the desire to go for her to the store for many has disappeared. Therefore, people began to download and install pirated versions.

sims 4 without origin

Sims 4 without Origin can be just"pirated" way. Of course, it is not as simple as the previous, legal method, but, nevertheless, the probability of a "rally" of the game is reduced to a minimum. Usually such versions contain "crack" - programs for hacking the game. So, let's talk on the topic: "Sims 4: how to run pirate".

It all starts with the usual installation. When the toy is already on the computer, find the "crack" for it (as a rule, it is attached to the game in the archive), copy all the files from it and drop them into the Sims 4 folder called bin. There it is necessary to put "executer" Sims4Launcher.

Now you need to install Origin and enter thesystem. Remember that for the game it must be turned on all the time. Now put the "Origin" in the offline mode and collapse it. Run the game with administrator rights using Sims4Launcher. So it is necessary to do always. When you enter, in the game settings, uncheck the boxes with "access to the Network", "notifications via the Network" and "auto-connect". Also do not deprive your attention of "providing information about the user." In such a strange way, you can run a pirated game.

sims 4 could not start

System, Goodbye!

But sometimes even "legalists" have problems withlaunch. If the installation is done correctly, but the game still does not start, it makes sense to check your computer for errors and the presence of the necessary drivers. Quite often you can answer the question: "How to launch Sims 4?" - short and clear: "Download all the necessary libraries." If you have something missing on your computer, then the toy will tell you this yourself. All that remains to be done is to download the necessary libraries and install them into the Windows System32 folder. After that, you will have to restart the computer. All should earn.

The game may also not start due to lack ofconnect to the Internet. In order to overcome the problem, connect to the Web, turn Origin off for 15 minutes, then reconnect to your account. Start the game - everything should stand "in circles."

"Black screen of death"

A fairly common problem in Sims 4 isthe appearance of a black screen at startup. It can be called a black screen of death, because at this time there is a "fall" of a computer toy. In order to overcome such "glitches", you need to first remove the Sims 4, followed by Origin. Restart the computer when both processes are complete. When the operating system boots up again, first install Original, then "Sims". Start the game and enjoy the gameplay. If none of the above does not help, try reinstalling Windows and putting all the drivers on the computer. Usually, reinstalling is a way to get rid of many computer glitches.

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