Power Rangers (Dota 2): the composition and history of the team


Power Rangers (Dota 2) - BelarusianThe e-sports team, which was established in 2012. Despite a short life, this team has seen a lot. There were bright performances at major tournaments (however, it rarely came to prizes), and failed championships with subsequent changes in the composition. In this article, you will learn everything about the team.

power rangers dota 2

Creating a team

The history of the Power Ranger team (Dota 2) begins in 2012. Its first popularity was received only after the successful passage of the qualifying round for the 5th season of Starlader.

The collective was constantly contested by localtournaments, was declared on the qualification for international champions, but it was rare to go farther than off-road tours. In 2013 for the team came a period of constant decisions and changes in composition. Because of this, the level of Power Rangers (Dota 2) constantly jumped up and down.

With varying success, the children began to speak afterchange captain. The young FNG player, who also came from Belarus, skillfully coordinated the allies, which allowed them to beat even the strongest teams.

Noticing the success and progress of the FNG, the "Navi"concludes a contract with him, as a result of which he begins to speak for the Ukrainian team. From that moment, the Power Rangers (Dota 2) team slowly but surely crawled down. Over time, the collective lost the patronage of a major sponsor.

power rangers dota 2

Resurrection of the team

In the middle of summer 2015, the collective passes underwing organization Arcade. It was decided to recruit new players. Of the old athletes there was only Chshrct (Cheshire Cat). The following players joined the new team: j4, goddam, Afoninje and Bignum. In this composition, Power Rangers (Dota 2) play to this day. However, since December 2015, the guys again were left without an organization and went on a free voyage.


At the moment, the total amount of the prize receivedteam for all of its existence, is about 50 thousand dollars. The team takes part in almost all tournaments, but the pedestal has not yet risen.

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