Installing the printer in detail


Today we will talk about howprinter installation. Just want to tell you that there are two most common ways to connect it to computers in home networks. The first option is to connect the device directly to one of the computers with the subsequent opening of access for all users of this network. In the second variant, the printer is installed on the network as a stand-alone device.

printer installation

Although we will consider both connections in detail, in any case, before installing, you must carefully study the documentation that the manufacturer applies to the device.

If you have just started working withcomputer, and you need to install a network printer in Windows 7 in any case, I also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the general principles of setting up this device.

So, if the first method suits yousimple) connect the device to your home network, then you must connect it using a cord to the computer and make it common for everyone using the operating system's programs. The installation of the printer ends here, it will be called generic.

printer installation over a network

The advantage of this method of connectionis that it is possible to install any USB device for printing. But aside from the advantage, there is also a disadvantage. It consists in the fact that the computer on which the printer was installed should be constantly on, as otherwise the remaining devices will not be able to access it.

It is fair to note that in earlier editionsWindows operating systems setting up such a common printer caused some difficulties. But Windows 7 has a new feature that makes this process much easier. It is called a "home group".

When you configure the network as a homegroup,then all printers, as well as some files will automatically become common. If you do not know how to set up home groups, I recommend that you read the relevant materials on this topic.

If you already have a homegroup set up and another device needs to access this shared printer, read the appropriate instructions.

installing a network printer in Windows 7

In themselves, network printers are devices,They are designed for direct connection to the network as stand-alone ones. In the old days they were used only in large offices. However, now manufacturers are releasing more and more laser and inkjet devices that can safely work in the home network. And this gives a huge advantage, which is that in this case the device is available permanently.

The printer can be installed wired andwireless. Wired printers have a special port, which is used to connect to a hub or router. But wireless printers can be connected to the network via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It is worth noting that most modern devices allow you to perform both wired and wireless connection. You can find out in the documentation that comes with the printer.

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