Statuses about the family with the meaning: how to express your love in an original way?


Statuses about the family with meaning are among the most popular among users. And it is not surprising, because relatives are the source of not only love, communication and support, but also inspiration.

statuses about family with meaning

Statuses about the family with a sense of beauty

  • "The family is the perfect creation of nature."
  • "The family makes the heart beat faster and freeze in anticipation."
  • "The family nest is like a house - it also requires repair."
  • "A joint life without patience is like a house without a foundation."
  • "Children learn to live by looking at the relationship of the father and mother."
  • "In a happy family everyone responds to the phrase" my joy "."
  • "Most of all cleanliness in children's issues."
  • "DNA is not as related to people as faith in each other."
  • "Only relatives will accept you with all doubts, sorrows and shortcomings."
  • "The most tremulous, gentle and subtle that is in this world - when the mother kisses a sleeping child."
  • "In a happy home in response to problems they hear:" I'm with you. "
  • "Patriarchal family: he says she's listening." A matriarchal family: he listens while she speaks. "The average family: both say, listen to the neighbors."
  • "The family is the transformation of their habits into common ones."

Statuses about the family with a sad sense

  • "You can be born not only by blood."
  • "Some people are simply not created for family life."
  • "When the house does not hear children's screams, they are compensated by adults."
  • "A family that has forgotten is not worthy of it."
  • "Life in one house does not make us a family."
  • "To bring children to the light of their ambitions or boredom is the highest degree of selfishness."
  • "Happiness is inferior if there is no one to share it with."
  • "We are so worried about the family, but we are afraid to survive it."
  • "Offending his wife, the husband should become the place of the child who is watching this."
  • "Happy parents do not cry."

Statuses about the family with meaning are full of sadness. After all, as you know, what gives us the most joy, can cause real pain.

statuses about the family with a sense of beauty

Funny statuses about the family

Short statuses about the family can be used and as a way to cheer loved ones. After all, the family is also a storehouse of funny stories.

  • "Two TVs help save the world in our family."
  • "Why does a man who marries do not say at the registry office that from now on his rights are decreasing, and his duties are growing?".
  • "Judging by my appearance, my parents still doubted who to choose - a stork or me."
  • "And you do not think it strange that some parents consider the ideal company for a child for the summer of retirees?".
  • "In the meantime, somewhere in a parallel universe, a little boy is swearing strongly at my mother for constantly fixing his toys."
  • "In my childhood I had to deserve everything." The bike cost the school year, which was excellent, and the rollers helped my grandmother at the dacha, which is probably why I did not have anything. "
  • "Show me a man who does not have a child's photo in pantyhose? And it does not matter whether you are a boy or a girl!"
  • "There is no money and energy to do repairs, but the room looks gray and bleak? There is a way out - children's markers! Baby markers - joy in every corner."
  • "The weight of grandchildren is inversely proportional to the distance at which they live from their grandmother."

short statuses about the family

Family and spiritual intimacy give a person inner peace and confidence. Often remind relatives how you value them. Statuses about the family with meaning will help in this.

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