How do I sign up for Robocraft and start playing?


Robocraft - a new game from enthusiasts, previouslyanything special not allocated. Their project is distributed in the service of digital distribution of Steam, via the FreeToPlay system. The ability to try the game is for everyone, for this you need only to register in Robocraft, download the game - and into battle.

how to register in the game robocraft

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Many are asking questions about where and how to register in the game Robocraft. The answer is simple - you need to go to the game site and go through a short registration procedure by clicking on the REGISTER link. Fill in all the fields, click the Continue button, confirm the mail and start playing.

register with robocraft

Russian-speaking players maydifficulties with completing the form, because the site is English-speaking. This is not a problem, since most browsers support translation of pages into your native language. Thus, you can play in a few minutes, as registering with Robocraft is easier than most people think. You can also register in the gaming client.

Beginning of the game

The game process is built on the battles between the createdgamers robots. With the increase in the level of the account, more and more details are opening up for creativity. In his fantasy, the player is practically unlimited. After How to register in Robocraft was sosimply, you can create a heavy impenetrable titanium or a small brisk flea. Robots can be either wheeled or flying. The game provides a huge selection of weapons and armor blocks, as well as many bonuses for those who are one of the first to understand how to register with Robocraft.

 how to register in robocraft

Having constructed his first robot, the playergoes into battle. Victory will bring a lot of experience, which will allow you to modernize your creation with new elements. Defeat will also allow you to gain experience, but much less.

During the battle, it is important not to expose weaknessesrobot under blows and shots of the enemy, because, having lost an important module, you can instantly lose initiative, or even be immobilized, which will lead to death.


When creating a robot, you need to take into account many nuances. For example, completely eliminate the obstacles of the chassis, accurately place the steering axles, correctly choose the diameter of the wheels and place the weapons in the right places. Otherwise, the player can not just lose combat effectiveness, but generally does not move anywhere. It is the process of designing a robot that takes up most of the game process and plays a crucial role.

Accuracy is the guarantee of victory

The location and number of guns plays an importantrole, but the ability to shoot them is much more important. The player must correctly take into account the spread and anticipation, in time to produce pits from shells. Having developed tactics of fighting on your combat robot, you can always go out victorious, even in hopeless situations.

In Robocraft you can play with your friends. After telling them how to register with Robocraft, you will be able to create an effective team in which everyone will perform their role. Gameplay and large maps allow you to develop team tactics. A friend can always support a heavy unwieldy robot from the air or cover an unprotected module from a projectile.

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