Map of the Pleasant Valley for The Long Dark. Should I look for a bunker?


The map of the Pleasant Valley in The Long Dark is often searched for by gamers through various search engines, so that when playing, it's better to navigate the terrain. Is it worth it at all to look for one? This will be discussed in the article.

The Long Dark Monument Valley map

A game

Project The Long Dark, released by Hinterland, is a survival simulator with the open world, realistic physics and good game mechanics. Purpose of the game - to survive maximally long in the severe forests of Northern Canada.

The hero is constantly confronted with suchDifficulties like lack of food, water, fatigue and low temperatures. Moreover, hostile wolves and bears can tear apart if provoked.

In the survival mode, there are several cards, each of which represents An open world with many shelters, methods of extractionfood and ingredients for crafting vital items. Shelters are very important places in the game. They can wait out the storm, get warm, rest and wait until the wolf or bear leaves.

How to find a bunker

Map of the Pleasant Valley for The Long Dark, inprinciple, it is easy to find. It identifies the most important areas of the terrain, possible danger zones, places where the corpse of a person or an animal may lie, as well as the expected points of appearance of bunkers.

It should be noted that the probability of occurrencethe latter is not one hundred percent. It can appear in the place indicated on the map, but it may be absent the next time it passes. Therefore, in order to find bunkers, you should not refer to the map of the Pleasant Valley for The Long Dark.

In the survival mode, there is a system of "mapping" - to mark the area with coal in the snow. After this procedure, the designated section appears in the desired menu tab.

The Long Dark map is a welcome valley bunker

Permanent places on the map

The Pleasant Valley in The Long Dark is replete with places that always «where required". It:

  • homestead «Three Throws";
  • farm house;
  • radio tower;
  • HEPS «Carter";
  • Manor of the Pleasant Valley.

At these points you can relax, get warm,replenish the provisions and hide from the weather. In addition, there are lots of places for different purposes: holes for fishing, caves, hunting posts, sawmills, abandoned cars, abandoned shacks and abandoned shops.

Approximate orientation on the map of the Pleasant Valleyin The Long Dark will help to find the above locations for any purpose, whether it is to find ingredients for crafting, eating, or just to keep warm.


It should be noted that The Long Dark, though a "survivalist", but still is the author's view of a particular situation, when a person is alone with nature and forced to fight for life.

Developers warn that skills,The results obtained in the game should not be used in reality. In fact, the world of wildlife is dangerous and unpredictable. There are no preservations, as in the computer game, and the map of the Pleasure Valley for The Long Dark will not fix the situation.

Have a good game!

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