Office 365 - a new service from Microsoft


New Office 365, this is SaaS cloud service,designed to improve and simplify business. This is not a new suite of Microsoft Office applications, but an online service that combines several different client applications. It includes the tools necessary for the operation of any company, any office. It is a package of integrated programs for working with various devices, smartphones, tablets, computers. The service features include entering information using any kind of device, for example, a touch screen, a stylus or using a traditional mouse and keyboard. The service includes new modern ways of conducting business records, drawing up various documents and ways of remote interaction with relatives and employees.

Package office 365 It contains several programs with differentfunctions. Exchange Online is a business-class mail, it includes a calendar, a list of contacts, it is protected from spam and viruses in the most modern ways. SharePoint Online is a service with which you can create sites and other areas for working with customers or colleagues, a handy page designer is included in the program. Lync Online is a handy modern instant messenger, with which you can conduct video or audio conferences, it has a presence indicator. Microsoft Office 2013 is designed for low-cost tariffs, and Professional Plus for more expensive ones. The first versions of the service were released in 2010 and over the first few months it was tested by more than two hundred thousand companies.

Testing service companies have reported good results, reducing IT costs by half. Many users can office 365 download for examination within thirty days, andto use it for free, before deciding which tariff is most suitable for them. Tariffs have been developed for small and large businesses. There is a separate tariff for a computer with a large number of users, a wide choice of tariff plans is presented, some services can be purchased, additionally paying for them, it all depends on the needs of the user. By selecting a suitable version of the product, you can subscribe to the service and immediately selected a set of applications and features will be available. Cloud service has proven itself among many users from all over the world.

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