How in "Odnoklassniki" go to the closed profile? Is it possible to view private profiles in "Classmates"?


The popularity of social networks today beats everythingrecords. Not necessarily in every house there should be a computer, after all devices with an exit in the Internet - weight. Now the network is not just entertainment, but the opportunity to communicate, get new information, watch news and new movies. Social networks provide an opportunity to meet their communication needs for almost everyone. They listen to music, watch movies, learn the latest events and can share their opinions. But the main function of social networks was and remains communication, personal and social life of the individual.

as in classmates go to a private profile

However, it is impossible to please all categoriesusers, so there was a certain gradation, and the older generation chose "Classmates" for themselves. Innovations here are no less than on other services. Although there are small, but quite noticeable differences, related to the availability of services, their fee and functionality. So, any interested user can protect himself from "visits" of unauthorized persons and block access to his page. And here's how in "Classmates" go into a closed profile, knows a few people. About how to do this, and whether it is possible at all, let's talk further.

Why close the profile?

The reason is simple. Is an ordinary person happy if a neighbor comes to his house, eats from his refrigerator, lies down on the sofa and begins to discuss the interior of the apartment? Hardly. Most likely, the reaction to such a guest will be sharply negative; at best, he will be offered to leave home, and at worst - with a scandal put out of the house, ordering never to return. So it is here. On "Classmates" each user has a personal page, which he decorates in the key that he deems necessary. And he has every right to put uninvited guests out. The virtual space for many becomes more familiar and cozy than everyday reality, so here you want to enjoy exceptionally pleasant emotions, provoking the heat of passion only when it is necessary. The closed profile in "Odnoklassniki" photos placed in it, leaves in the zone of visibility, but basic information and the ability to communicate with the user are absent. Thus, you can only communicate with those who are pleasant, and avoid contact with strangers. But there are also costs for such a solution, and the more you can find in it the pros, the more minuses are formed in parallel.

closed profile in classmates photo

How to make a private profile in Odnoklassniki?

In fact, it's pretty simple and fastoperation, but, unfortunately, it is unlikely that it will be implemented on a free basis. There must be funds on the user's personal account. It must be remembered that after the profile is closed, it will be possible to communicate exclusively with friends. Think, will it suit you? Or do you want some spontaneous dating? After all, you can visit pages of other users by yourself, but they will not be able to reply to your messages. So, if you decide to close the profile, the first step is to open the "More" tab under the main photo. Here you need to change the settings. In addition to directly closing the profile, you can limit the publicity settings. Since for today the service is paid, it will be necessary to choose a payment method and confirm its intention to close the profile.

viewing private profiles in classmates

Is it possible to see what was hidden from you?

So, the forbidden fruit is always sweet and insanelyI want to know how to enter the closed profile in "Odnoklassniki". The easiest way is to add friends to a person with a closed profile. You can also choose one of this person's friends and clone his page, then send the application to friends. The second way, showing how to go to someone else's page in Odnoklassniki, if the profile is closed, is somewhat more complicated, but more interesting. To do this, you need to make a private profile, then completely remove the cable from the network card, and then reconnect the Internet. Now you can view closed profiles in "Classmates", but at the end of the address you need to put the prefix = open. Note that now the service will cost at least 25 rubles.

How to confuse your friends and confuse them?

When it becomes boring and there is nothing to occupy,you can experiment with personal pages on the network. Information on how to go into a closed profile in "Odnoklassniki" or how to pretend that you are not at home but on a visit may not be priceless, but will allow you to spend time a little more interesting. The change of status from "on site" to "WAP" will testify to the Internet access from a tablet or other mobile device. To do these simple manipulations, you need at the entrance to the site write instead of

how to go on a visit to a private profile in classmates

Do the owners see private profiles of their guests?

If you are thinking about how in "Classmates"go to a closed profile and stay unnoticed, then the answer to the second question should be simple. The owner of the profile of his guests will not see. On a visit at home, he will celebrate only his friends. The same interest is raised by the question of how to go on a visit to a closed profile in Odnoklassniki in order to find this person's friends? This is quite difficult and may even be unrealistic. To act is necessary through guesses and prompts, for example, tracking comments of photos of the user and its statuses.

What can you see when the profile is closed?

In fact, the closed profile can be compared withclosed apartment door. That is, an outsider can look at the rug near the door, evaluate the quality of the door trim, treat the overheard sounds. But how much information will this thorough examination of information on the other side of the apartment give? If you are not Sherlock Holmes and do not know the methods of deduction, then very little. Only basic information, which can be correctly interpreted when meeting a person. Let's think about how to go to the page in "Classmates" if the profile is closed. You can go in, but you will not see much. Open will be the main photo, status, if available. Also available to view comments on the photo and status. The administration of the site tries to meet its users, and therefore helps to hide all personal confidential information from other people's eyes. But closing your page becomes a serious step, as well as its opening, which also has its price - the same 25 OK or 25 rubles.

how do I go to someone else's page in classmates if the profile is closed

Invisible Man

Statistics show that, upon request,search engines are in the lead "invisible." Who are they? These are the people who want to remain unnoticed. On the page of an outsider, the "invisible" can not do anything, except to look at photos and read the statuses. In any case, if he writes anything or leaves a comment, he will only reveal himself. If you are embarrassed by the possibility of an invisible presence of visible and invisible users on your page, you should familiarize yourself in detail with how to close the profile, or with how to enter the closed profile in "Classmates". If you deny access to the page, even invisible people will not be able to visit it, without being a friend of the user. A closed profile is not limited to a time frame, and only the owner can open it. Sometimes it's easier to abandon long-term operations with profiles and simply create separate albums with photos that are restricted to "only for friends." You can do it for free and quickly, but change it at any time.

closed profile in classmates

So is it worth closing the profile?

All services on "Classmates" are paid, thatcauses a negative reaction among young people. That's why they pay attention to "VKontakte" and Facebook, where the possibilities are even greater. A significant disadvantage of connecting a closed profile service is the loss of all sense of presence on the site. After all, if the entrance for others is closed, then no one sees the user, except for friends. So how will former classmates, fellow students and colleagues look for it? The answer is simple: no way. Why complicate life with yourself and others? Is the reason for everything to be only your own isolation and unwillingness to communicate with people?

how to access a page in classmates if the profile is closed

The urgency of the service "closed profile"

Summarizing all of the above,that there are categories of people for whom a closed profile is the only correct way out of the situation. Perhaps, these are strongly pronounced introverts, self-contained and complexed individuals who prefer to independently search for and add friends, rather than provide such opportunities to others. In some categories of people, a closed profile is not needed, since there is little benefit from it, and money has to be paid. The closed profile at the same time only at first glance seems to be a defense of one's own tranquility. In practice, it constitutes one limitation in communication and behavior, which completely contradicts the basic task of the social network and makes it meaningless to stay in it.

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