How to recover ICQ password?


In today's world it's hard to imagine lifewithout communication, including communication via the Internet. For this there is not only all known "Contact" or "My World", but also Agent and ICQ. However, there are often situations where a person forgets his password, his account is hacked or crashed. How can I restore the ICQ password so that I do not lose contact with my friends?

First of all, we note that if suddenlythe combination has ceased to approach your ICQ number, you need to scan the entire computer for viruses with a good modern antivirus program with updated databases. There are viruses that can steal a password, change it and report information to outside people. Therefore, there may be a risk that combinations from your electronic wallets, accounts on sites and so on will fall into the wrong hands. You should quickly protect yourself and your information.

Password recovery

To restore ICQ password, you need togo to the official site and select the item "Forgot Password." You will be asked to enter the ICQ, email or phone number in the field for the account from which you want to restore the combination of the entry, and also to confirm that you are not a robot. It is also possible to go to the recovery page directly from the ICQ program by selecting the link "Forgot password" under the combination input field. Here you can recover the password from ICQ. If the account number was entered correctly, a window will appear where you will be asked to check the e-mail that was specified by you when registering with the ICQ system. Directly from this window you can click on the button "Go to mail".

An email will be sent to thewill contain further instructions on how to restore the ICQ password. You need to go to the link specified in the letter or, if the link does not work, copy it to the address bar of the browser you are using. It should be noted that the link expires in a short period of time, so you should not postpone password recovery for later. The whole procedure will take you no more than a few minutes. If suddenly the letter does not come to your box for a long time, wait a while and again send a request for a change of combination. Sometimes letters to electronic boxes in the system can come in within an hour. A letter to Yandex's box comes in a couple of minutes. In order for you to accurately remember the email you used to register your ICQ account, the page will be marked with the first letter of the address and the system, for example, it will look like "j****". It remains to be hoped that the combination for entering the email was also not forgotten.

After clicking on the link, thename "Password Recovery", where you will be asked to enter and repeat the new ICQ combination. Recover the password in the event that you remember the mail on which the account was registered, it is quite simple. Now it only remains to enter a new combination. It is best to choose a combination of no more than 8 characters, which will contain letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers. The combination of an arbitrary set of letters and digits is much more difficult to crack, but remembering it is also not so simple. Therefore, do not forget to write down it somewhere just in case, so that there is no need to restore the password again.

If the new password is entered twice, click on thethe "Done" button. The new password is saved. Now you can go back to the ICQ program and chat with your friends again. It's quite easy to restore the ICQ password. But it's best to periodically change it so that no one can hack into the combination to enter ICQ and deprive you of the opportunity to share the latest news and talk with those who are so far away from you.

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