How to make a chart in Microsoft Office Excel?


From time immemorial mathematicians, economists, statisticiansand people of other professions connected with figures believed that a visual image would express any process much better than just numerical indicators. It is for this reason that graphics have appeared in our lives.

The answers to the question about how to draw a diagram are only two:

  • building by hand;
  • automatic building with the help of computer technology.

Nowadays, there are many different utilities designed to create graphs on a computer. Software of this kind is very popular.

The most famous and most easy to use is the Microsoft Office Excel program. This office application perfectly "knows" how to make a diagram.

In this article I will tell you about how Excel works.

Step-by-step instruction on creating graphs

  1. Open the blank document with a double click of the left mouse button and create a new Excel workbook.
  2. To create a chart, you needcreating a data table, on the basis of which the schedule will be built. To do this, you need to enter data into the columns of the net book, the future diagram should clearly express the dependence of which on each other.

Diagrams in Excel 2010

3. Now start the Chart Builder.Having selected the created table, it is necessary to choose the items: "Insert" - "Diagram / Graph". And when creating a chart in Excel 2010, these two commands can be called by pressing one button (in the form of a small graph) on the toolbar.

How to draw a diagram
Create a chart in Excel 2010

The first half of the work is done. There are 4 more small steps to complete the wizard.

  1. Select the type of future chart.For users, there are many kinds: graphs, pyramid charts, diagrams with areas, blocks with areas, etc. An approximate image of the result can be viewed on the right side of the Wizard dialog box.

Create a chart

2. Select the range of data to build.Here everything is simple: we are talking about the very tablet created at the very beginning. It is necessary to select it during the second stage of the Wizard, and on the "Row" tab you can specify a name for each row.

3. The most informative dialog box of the Wizard.In principle, the creation of a diagram is possible without filling in the items on the tabs of this window, but it is not desirable, since the future schedule will have an inadequate informative appearance.

Tab "Titles": create the headings of the chart itself and the axes.

Axis tab: select the type of axes: axis categories, time, automatic selection.

Tab "Grid Lines": set / delete the main and intermediate lines of the graph.

Tab "Legend": the location of the signature of the series (legend).

Tab "Data captions": select the type of signature, delimiter.

Tab "Data table": display or hide indicators in the construction area.

The third step of the Chart Wizard

4. The last step is to get an answer to the question: "How to make a diagram?". It will be the choice of her location. Two options are available: on an existing sheet or on a new one.

The work of the Wizard is completed, therefore, the diagram is ready.

I hope, after reading this instruction, the question of how to make the diagram faster and better, you will no longer arise. Good luck!

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