As in "Photoshop" draw an arrow: ways and instructions


"Photoshop" - this program does not haveequal in working on photographs. The list of its features and functions is just off scale. However, even with mastering all the heaped up operations, there may be a problem with the simplest of them - how to draw an arrow in "Photoshop CS6". This will be discussed in the article. We'll look at all the most popular ways how to do this, and offer a detailed step-by-step instruction.

Method using the "Line" tool

how to draw an arrow in Photoshop

In total, three ways will be considered, as in "Photoshop" draw an arrow. Let's start, of course, with one that does not imply manipulation outside the program itself:

  1. Find the Line tool on the left panel and select it.
  2. After you do this, the top will appearadditional panel. In it you can choose from which end of the line the arrow will be, and you can also set the necessary proportions, such as width, length and curvature.
  3. After all the necessary values ​​are set by you, you can proceed to drawing the arrow.
  4. If you indicated that the arrow is at the end of the line,then on the picture move the cursor from the side where the arrow will take its origin and, holding the left mouse button, move it to the place where it points.

This is how the first way looks like, as in"Photoshop" draw an arrow. As you can see, it's very simple. In this way, you can quickly pinpoint important objects on the photo to attract the attention of the person who will be viewing the image.

Method using the "Free Shape" tool

how to draw an arrow in Photoshop

The first method of"Photoshop" draw an arrow. Probably, to someone it delivers troubles and does not strongly approach. That is why the toolkit of the program allows you to accomplish the desired in several ways:

  1. Initially, we need to select an instrument"Arbitrary figure". To do this, we hover the mouse cursor on the left panel, on the "Line" tool, and click the left mouse button. Holding it, we move the cursor to "Instrument" - "Arbitrary figure" "and then release it.
  2. The tool we need is selected.Now in the panel on top appeared a window in which you can select the proposed figure from the list. Since we need to draw an arrow, we choose it. It is noteworthy that there are several different arrows there, so be guided by your taste.
  3. Now move the cursor to the area of ​​the picture where the arrow should start, and move the mouse to the desired object. In passing, moving it, you can change the width of the arrow.

That's it. Now you know how to draw an arrow in Photoshop using only the tools of the program itself. Well, now go to the third option.

Method # 3: Insert PNG

how to draw an arrow in Photoshop cs6

How to draw an arrow in "Photoshop", we have alreadywe know, now we will discuss how to insert it. You ask - why? As you can see, the arrows drawn with the help of tools are monotonous and dry in terms of design. And this method suggests that you change this by inserting a PNG file into the image:

  1. Enter the Internet and find the arrow you need. To do this, you can visit the "Yandex pictures" and enter the word "arrow" in the search line.
  2. From the list, choose the one that you liked, but be careful and look at the format of the image, it is important that it was in PNG.
  3. Download the picture to your computer.
  4. Find the picture and drag it to "Photoshop", thereby overlaying it over the main one.
  5. Now use the tools on the sidebar to resize, rotate and position the arrow as you like.

Now you have learned all three ways, as in "Photoshop" to draw an arrow. We hope you will find them useful.

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