How to start playing SAMP and what is needed for this?


Recently, more and moremulti-user computer games that please both with their graphic execution, and other aspects, such as game mechanics, physics, plot, variety and so on. Also worth noting that the latest version of the cult series "GTA" also has a huge multiplayer mode, which has attracted hundreds of thousands of players from around the world. However, it should be noted that SAMP - the multi-user mode for GTA: San Andreas - is still very popular. This project was the first in the history of this series, which received its multi-user mode. But how to start playing SAMP? This is not the easiest process, since you will need a separate program for this.

Installing the game

How to start playing Samp

If you want to learn how to start playing SAMP,then you need to start with the installation of "GTA: San Andreas", as the multiplayer mode is based on this version of the game. However, you should immediately say that you need to install a separate version of the game - that is, you will have two versions of GTA: San Andreas: one for a single game and another for a multiplayer version. The fact is that this project is very often many gamers are hung with various modifications that make the process much more fun and diverse. However, in multiplayer mode, there are limitations on modifications, so if you use one client for two modes, then you have to sacrifice all of your mods installed on it. That's why for those who want to learn how to start playing SAMP, it is recommended to install a separate client for multiplayer.

Installing the SAMP

gta samp how to start playing

After you have a computera separate version of the game for multiplayer mode, you can think about how to start playing SAMP. As it was said before, for this you need a separate program - directly the client of the SAMP, which is installed directly into the folder with the game. It will take some time, but you have nowhere to hurry - ahead you have many hours of incredible pleasure from the gameplay, which you will remember for a long time. After installing the SAMP you will need to add also those mods that will be allowed on the server where you are going to play - naturally, if you have already decided on such a place. No one is hurrying you, and you can postpone the modification of the modifications to a later time. Now the main question that interests you about GTA SAMP - "How to start playing?"

Beginning of the game

samp pn how to start playing

So, if you want to start a multiplayergame, then you need to run it not through the file of the "GTA" itself, but directly through the SAMP file. Well, then everything is extremely simple - you only need to enter your nickname, and then the IP address of the server on which you are going to play - it can be found on the Internet or from friends that you can recommend a server where you can play without problems. After that, you need to click on the Connect button - and all the problems are left behind, now you can create your character and join the server actions, whether it's DM or SAMP RP. How to start playing, you now know, so problems should no longer arise.

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