How to completely remove the "Torrent" from the computer? Detailed analysis


The article describes how to completely remove the "Torrent" from the computer, what to do if standard tools do not help, and why this program is needed at all.


Not so long ago, computers were far fromall, but many dreamed of a speedy unlimited Internet. Fortunately, now everything has changed, and no one is surprised by a powerful home PC, smartphone or tablet. And according to the forecasts of specialists, in a couple of years virtual reality will enter into ubiquitous access.

With computerization and coming into our livesInternet, the latter gave an opportunity to all those who wish to join the culture, whether it be novelties of cinema, new musical albums of favorite groups or books. True, normal sites for the purchase of digital content appeared only about three years ago, and before that people were swinging pirated content and sometimes did not even suspect that they were committing a crime. Pirated networks, the so-called "torrents", helped piracy especially. So why do we need Torrent and how to delete it correctly? In this we will understand.

Peer-to-peer networks

how to completely remove the torrent from your computer

What is the essence of "Torrent"? Why did they gain such popularity and why not, as before, download everything from file servers?

The fact is that using the "Torrent", a personit downloads the file not from a specific server on the Internet, but from the computers of other users, where the file is divided into many tiny parts. This removes the restriction on the speed and congestion of the channel, as in the case of file storage, and most importantly, peer-to-peer networks are almost immune to blocking. You can block a site where people exchange torrent files for a download, but the technology "Torrent" itself is extremely difficult to destroy right holders.

Simply put, "torrents" allow you to download anything at maximum speed, at any time of the day and completely free of charge without the threat that your favorite hosting with movies or books will be blocked.

How to completely remove the "Torrent" from the computer?

delete torrent files

However, for some reason, one dayYou will need to remove the "Torrent" from your computer. For example, only legal digital content is transferred or the peer-to-peer networks are completely blocked. In Russia, this is not, but in some countries with strict Internet censorship such practices are practiced. So how do you do this?

Any software is best removed by native meansdelete that appear after installation. Usually such a file is named uninstall. To run, you just need to double-click on it with the right mouse button, and after confirmation, the program will be completely deleted.

Also answering the question, how to completely remove"Torrent" from the computer, it is worth mentioning that you can resort to the standard tools of the operating system. For example, in Windows, you need to go to the "Control Panel", then select "Add or Remove Programs" in which you should mark the "Torrent" program and start the uninstallation.

Third-party utilities

why you need torrent

During the deletion process,there are some "Torrent" files left, and if you disassemble the question of how to completely remove "Torrent" from your computer, then you can resort to the help of third-party specialized utilities whose purpose is the complete uninstallation of various software without leaving traces in the system.

With this wonderful job, for example,program called Uninstall tool. You can find it on the official website. It removes not only the "Torrent" itself, but also all its traces in the system, in the registry, on the hard disk and hidden for viewing system folders, where normally the Torrent files are stored as a backup. You can delete "Torrent" files either manually or with programs to clean the system of various garbage - unused or erroneous programs that are not on the computer for a long time.

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