How to clean your computer of garbage


Everyday work at the computer, eitherotherwise, it affects its performance not for the better. This is due, first of all, to the fact that constant file sharing creates a bunch of unnecessary files. In addition, in the file system, errors accumulate over time, the hard disk acquires bad sectors, etc. For example, if you actively use your computer for six months, you probably noticed a decrease in its performance. All this happens precisely because of the cluttering of the operating system.

clean your computer of garbage
By installing and uninstalling programs, you, eitherotherwise, you leave unnecessary files in your operating system. In addition to the file system, Windows has a so-called registry that contains configuration keys for all operating system applications. Many uninstallers of programs leave their keys in the registry, which eventually pile up for years and lead to various failures in the system.

the necessary programs for the computer
Temporary files, except the slowdown of theoperating system, yet occupy a useful place on the hard drive. And all programs create these temporary files. Okay, if the program is actively used. And if you deleted it six months ago, and its remains still loom on your hard drive? For example, browsers require periodic cleaning of the cache, although the manufacturers do not state this in the manuals to the user. Remember that all pages you visit are clearly recorded by the browser. All downloaded files also remain in the event log. That's why it's so important to think about how to clean your computer of garbage.

Some users forget to clean the Recycle Bin in which deleted files are stored. And this also has a disastrous effect on the free space of the hard drive.

How to clean your computer of garbage? Actual issue in the modern world. To do this, there is a specialized software that qualitatively cleans the file system of unnecessary garbage. These are very necessary programs for the computer. It is recommended to clean the hard disk at least once every two months. For an ordinary user this is the best option.

cleaning hard disk
Clean the computer of garbage, help programunder the name Ccleaner. This is a full-fledged product that efficiently cleans all parts of the operating system: from the registry, to temporary files. Of course, it is best to manually clean the computer of garbage, but an ordinary user can disrupt the operation of the operating system. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use specialized software, such as this program. Moreover, it is a free application. Yes, and find all the unnecessary trash on the computer is an unrealistic task, such as looking for unnecessary keys in the registry.

To install this program is not requiredspecial knowledge, everything is done, as usual. It has an intuitive interface and specialized help for each function. It will not be difficult to understand it. An interesting feature that it has is the removal of programs. The main feature of this uninstaller is that it deletes all the features behind the program.

As you can see, hard disk cleaning is a simple operation that will allow to maintain the operating system in its tone.

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