Activate Windows. Error code 0x8007007b: how to fix it?


As is known, in order to useWindows operating systems in full-featured mode, it is not enough to simply install them on a computer. It is also necessary to activate the product using a special key. However, in systems of the seventh, eighth and tenth versions, a failure sometimes occurs, in the description of which the error code is 0x8007007b. With what it is connected and how to fix the problem, see below.

Error code 0x8007007b at activation "Windows 10", 8, 7: the reasons for the appearance

In addition to the activation code itself, the notificationthere is a brief description of the problem. In general, it can be interpreted as an incorrect syntax, and, more simply, the input of an incorrect key. This can be observed when a user tries to use a key for another version of the system for their version of the system, or simply incorrectly enters numbers and letters.

error code 0x8007007b

But the most important problem is thatthe message specifies only error code 0x8007007b and description, and from the bottom there is only one button to close the active window. That's incomprehensible to some users, where to enter the key, if the system itself does not offer any opportunities for this? There is an exit. To carry out the activation process with the correct key entered, there are at least two simple solutions.

Error code 0x8007007b: how to fix it? Method one

In order to be sure that this situation is connected with the lack of a license, we will first make sure that it really does not exist.

To do this, call the command line (cmd in the menu"Run") and register in it the execution of a special script slmgr -dlv. If the license status bar indicates that it is missing, we begin to fix the problem.

error code 0x8007007b when activating windows 10

We call the console "Run" (quick call -keys Win + R) and enter the command slui 3. In the appeared window there is a special line in which you need to enter the desired 25-digit code. If the entry is correct, the system will inform you that the activation was successful. If the user receives a notification that the key was successfully installed, but the activation does not occur, and the message, in which the error code 0x8007007b is present, appears again, proceed to the second procedure, which, in general, is not much different from the first.

The second method

The second method of eliminating the problem with activation is to use the above service, which was used to check the status of the license.

error code 0x8007007b how to fix

In this case, we should again turn tocommand line, where both the activation command and the key are prescribed. It looks like this: slmgr.vbs -ipk 12345-12345-12345-12345-12345, where instead of the set of digits in this example, you need to enter the key value. After that, just press the enter button, and the problem disappears.

Note that in the first and second cases, the command line should be started only with Administrator rights.

A few words at a time

What is most interesting, the message containing the codeerror 0x8007007b, appears on all systems, but only in version 8.1 in the warning window there is a button, after clicking on that and a window appears where you need to enter the correct value. But in general, both of the presented methods of Windows activation should not present problems for any user of any level of preparation.

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