How to ground the computer? Tips and Tricks


The modern dwelling of man is replete with the presencea variety of electrical appliances and household appliances. Refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and other electronics are connected to a household electrical network, the voltage in which is a threat to human life. Static voltage, equipment malfunctions can lead to the presence of currents with a small force and high voltage on the housing of household electrical appliances, which is quite unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous for a person. How to ground the computer and other electronics and why is it necessary?

how to ground the computer

What is the need to ground electrical appliances?

First of all, the earthing system is necessaryin order to protect lives and health of people. Sometimes, touching, especially with a wet hand, to the metal case of the refrigerator or washing machine, you can feel the unpleasant effect of electric current. This indicates the poor insulation of parts and wires of household appliances and the lack of grounding. More often this happens in old houses, where a ground wire was not provided. Identify the electrical network without a grounding wire is simple enough - the sockets do not have a ground. Although there are also reverse situations when grounded sockets are installed, but there is no ground wire. Or the sockets without the grounding, simply not connected to a necessary cable are established.

In a private house

Design and perform earthingsystems in low-rise buildings are within the power of everyone. Usually the grounding in this case consists of a system of vertical and horizontal earthing switches and a conductor connecting this system to the electrical board in the house. Vertical elements burrow into the ground and connect with horizontal ones.

how to ground the computer in the apartment

Vertical grounding elements can be madefrom a 50-mm steel corner, and for ordinary elements, ordinary strip steel with a width of 40-50 mm is suitable. As a grounding conductor, round steel can be used. The grounding loop is recommended to be made in the form of an equilateral triangle at a distance from the foundation of more than 1 meter. Do not paint steel elements. Next, consider how to ground the computer in the apartment.

In the apartment

If the house is equipped with a modern system(TN-C-S), there is a PE wire in the wiring, the so-called "protective zero". Determine if your house has such a wiring is not so difficult. In this case, the electric wire, suitable for the power stand, should consist of five wires. In such a situation, it is necessary to connect all protective PE pins to the common bus, and connect the bus to the body of the electrical panel.

How to ground the computer, if to power standdoes the four-wire cable fit? This means that your home is equipped with an outdated TN-C grounding system. In this case, there is simply no ground wire. The best option in this case is to make the system yourself. This is convenient for residents of the first floors. If you mount the resetting is difficult and problematic, it is better not to connect the zero wire to anything. Partly solve this problem will help and installation of an RCD for each wire coming from the apartment switchboard.

how to ground the computer system unit

How not to do

Some "experts" throw the ground wireon batteries, gas and water pipes, what to do is strictly forbidden. Such a "system" will be dangerous not only for members of your family and neighbors, but also for people living in neighboring homes.

how to ground the computer so that the microphone does not fade

How to ground the computer so that the microphone does not fade?

There were noises when the microphone was working? There was a question on how to ground the computer system unit to eliminate them? The answer is quite simple: you need to connect the computer to a grounded outlet. In the power supply there are special filters that extinguish the noise and compensate them by grounding. In addition, the audio microphone is affected by other reasons. This problem occurs quite often, even though there are high-quality microphones, audio interfaces and cables. The resulting background can be high-frequency or low-frequency.

Significant influence on the appearancehigh-frequency background is provided by an audio cable that connects the passive microphone to the computer via a sound card or a special audio interface. If the cable is not shielded, or its braid is damaged, then excessive noise can not be avoided. In such a system, there is no preamplifier and noisy signals with a frequency of current in household electric networks appear. You can get rid of this kind of background with the help of a quality cable.

In addition to poor-quality or damaged cable,deformed connectors for connecting equipment, the appearance of a background may be influenced by other reasons. And it's not in the microphone itself, but in the presence of other electrical appliances, mobile phones, household appliances. The background coming from them can even affect the expensive shielded cable. Some noise can occur constantly, and some periodically, during the operation of an electrical appliance.

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