Details on how to delete a comment in the "Instagram"


If you are registered in a popular socialnetwork "Instagram", then for certain regularly put there your new photos. Indeed, with the help of this service you can achieve very great popularity. If your page is actively visited, then surely other users leave their comments under the photos. Thus, the pictures look "alive", and not empty. Switching to the photo, you can also read comments from other users. Accordingly, your subscribers will not be bored. In the "Instagram" network, comments now also have a high popularity. This is the only way that users can evaluate photos, and also communicate with each other. In this article, we decided to talk about how you can edit reviews, and how to delete a comment in the "Instagram", because these questions are now worried by many. However, everything is in order.

Main Features

how to delete a comment in an instagram
Let's first talk about the comments insocial network "Instagram". We have already mentioned that they are the only way to communicate. However, comments are endowed with many additional functions for the convenience of users. Entering a message in the social network "Instagram" is really very convenient. If you already had to leave comments under photos, then you probably know about it. In addition to the fact that you can leave feedback, you also have a special opportunity with which you can celebrate people. In the same way, you can address a message to a specific user. After you leave the review, the selected person on his page will receive a special notification. If you do not already know how to edit the comment in Instagram, then we can tell you right away that this procedure is not complicated, and if you want, you can edit the posted messages at any time under the photos. I would like to mention one more important point. Edit the comments you can only own, there is no such function that would give the opportunity to make corrections to other people's statements.

Selecting a recipient

Let's now figure out how to correctlymark users in the comments, because in this way you can create a more comfortable and convenient communication. Before creating a new review, you need to install a special symbol - @. After that, you should start writing the login of the user to whom you wish to address this email. Next, the system automatically provides you with a list of participants in the system, where you should select the person you want to select. Also, if you have a question about how to delete a comment in the "Instagram", then proceed as follows.

System Restrictions

We pass to the main thing. As we mentioned earlier, you can delete only those comments that were left in person. Therefore, do not try to exclude other people's messages, because you will not achieve any result at all. So, let's move on to the question of how to delete the comment in the "Instagram". In fact, everything is very simple, and you should only follow the instructions given.


how to edit a comment in instagram
First you need to find that photo, under whichpreviously you left a comment. Then under the snapshot on the left you can see a small icon. It has the form of comments. Then click on the edit button. There you can get the removal options. As you can see for yourself, the question of how to delete a comment in "Instagram" is simple and quickly solved.

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