It's interesting: how to remove VKSaver from your computer


VKSaver allows users of all favorite and well-known social networks

How do I remove Vksaver from my computer?
VKontakte upload audio and video files to yourself ona computer. Recall that the site itself makes it possible only to listen and view the videos. Therefore, this application is in high demand. Despite its convenience, some people are thinking about how to remove VKSaver from a computer. It is not difficult to do this - you can see for yourself by reading this article.

Do I need to delete it?

The need to uninstall the program occurs when:

  • you no longer need to download music and video;
  • the user decided not to use the social network;
  • installed software did not "like";
  • there was a new utility with more interesting functionality.

If you are not sure that you will not use this program in the future, then

Do I need to delete it?
it is more reasonable to leave it, because it is not malicious and does not load the system. In this case, you just need to remove it from the autorun. Otherwise, safely remove.


The very first step that you willTo accomplish, is to close the program in the lower right corner of the taskbar (next to the clock). If you do not do this, you will not be able to remove VKSaver, since the software that is running and actively used by the system can not be uninstalled. So hover your mouse over the tray and close the program. How do I remove VKSaver from my computer? The second step is to find the file to delete. How to do this? If you have the operating system Windows XP, Vista, Seven, then you need:

  • go to the "Start" menu;
  • click on "All Programs";
  • among the list of installed applications to find a folder called "VKSaver";
  • click on it and select the file "Uninstall";
  • In the opened window, confirm your agreement with the start of the uninstall process.

Delete the program

If the first method fails, that is, you can not find the above folder or you have Windows 8, then this instruction, entitled "How to remove VKSaver from a computer?" For you.

  • We go to the "Control Panel" (via the "Start").
  • Select the "Programs" section.
  • Next, move to the "Remove Programs" subsection.
    specialist in computer programs.
  • In the opened list we are looking for an application called "VKSaver".
  • Right-click on the file and select "Delete".
  • We confirm our decision.

In some cases, the application listmay not be displayed. Then you have to proceed to drive C in the folder where all the programs are installed. It's called "Program Files". We go into it and search for a folder named "VKSaver". If the application you have installed, then it will be there necessarily - it will tell you any computer program specialist. Open the folder and find the file "Unistall" (a tool for removing). Run it and confirm your decision by clicking the corresponding button in the window that opens. Here are the actions you will need to take to get rid of the VKSaver program. The removal process will take no more than two to three minutes and will be completely automatic.

So now you know how to remove VKSaver from your computer. We hope that the information you received from this article is useful to you.

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