And do you know how to remove the password from the computer when you turn it on?


Almost always our electronic devices are protectedpassword. Often we do it just like that, just in case. After all, why do this if your PC or laptop is used only at home, in a circle of loved ones, or in the office, when no one has access to it? Let's say you decided not to burden yourself with memorizing complex combinations of symbols and numbers. The question arises: how to remove the password from the computer when you turn it on? First, we take the code from the administration and the disk to reset the passwords.

What is an administrator password and how to remove it?

how to remove the password from the computer when you turn it on
When you first turn on your computer orlaptop every user is invited to come up with and enter a security code. We do this and write down somewhere to be able to enter our device the next time. This combination is the administrator code. Now consider how to remove the password. To do this, start the operating system and find ourselves in it as an administrator. We go on the following path: "Start", "Control Panel", "User Accounts". Click on the last emblem and before us - the administrator account. To the left of the image is the "Deleting your password" tab. I'll have to enter it again. And all, it's done.

Deleting passwords for user accounts and the entries themselves

In order to clear codes of other accountsclick on "Manage another account." Then in their list we find the right one and do the same as in the previous case: from the image on the left there is an inscription "Deleting your password". We click on it and enter the code from this account, not the administrator. It is done. So we figured out how to remove the password from the computer when turned on. If you have many accounts, and you do not want to write various combinations when turning on the device, evaluate the need for these records and delete all unnecessary ones. To do this, after the "User Accounts" go to "Manage your / s" and click on the desired one, and then on "Delete y / z." After that, the system will ask you if you want to save the files of this user on the computer. If not, delete them if they are needed, then select the "Save files" tab. To complete the operation, you must confirm it. There is also such a standard account as "Guest". It is not recommended to delete it, but it is possible to enable it or completely disable it. If you disconnect, only the administrator profile will remain and, of course, there will be no question of how to remove the password from the computer when it is turned on. In the event that you have removed it, the device will always be turned on without additional manipulation.

how to remove the password

Create a disk to reset the password

It happens that the password is forgotten. To prevent this from turning into a big problem, users create a password reset disk. With it, you can easily perform a reset and log into the system. How to do it? Simple enough. Need a flash drive with a minimum of free space, the information on it does not hurt and will not suffer. Consider the following factors: the disk must be made for all accounts; if you create several flash drives, only the latter will work; When changing the password, there is no need to create a new disk, the old one will function. Now about the process itself. In the "Start", click on the photo of your account and insert the external memory into the device. Select "Create a password reset disk", a new window will open, click "Next". Choose your own flash drive, enter the code for your account and click "Next". The process itself will begin, in its course it will be necessary to press "Next" again, and then "Done". All! The file userkey.psw appeared in the external memory, which is responsible for the reset operation.

password when you turn on the computer

How to remove the password from the computer when it is turned on with the reset disk

Something happened that you have been afraid of for a long time. When you turn on the computer, you need to enter the code, and it is lost and in memory is empty. What to do? And then you remember that not so long ago they were safe by creating a flash drive with a reset password. Find it, try to enter without entering the code. A button with the words "Reset password" appears. Click on it and insert a saving flash drive. You want to have a new password to log in - enter it twice and prompt, do not want it - just click "Next". All, the code is reset. In fact, it is recommended to have the password when turning on the computer. So keep it well or remember.

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