How to cut a picture from a picture. How to cut a picture in "Photoshop"


When preparing documents and web pagesoften in demand knowledge of how to cut a picture from the picture in "Photoshop". In some cases, you just need to remove the superfluous in the image, and then enough framing, in others, you need to insert part of one picture into another, in the third - to create a complex photo collage. Several methods of cutting out part of the image are devoted to this article.

how to cut a picture from a picture


The easiest way to cut a picturein Photoshop, is the so-called framing. Select the "Frame" tool (C key - Latin). Move the cursor on the image in the diagonal direction to select a rectangle. When the rectangle is ready, press the Enter key. The image is "framed" - it will represent only part of the original file. Often this is quite enough.

how to cut a picture in Photoshop

Do not forget to duplicate the original file before the cropping and in any case save the copy.

Transferring a rectangular or oval region

The second way how to cut a picture,consists in the allocation of a rectangular or oval region and its transfer. Select the Rectangular Area tool or the Oval Area tool. The M (Latin) key selects the selection tool itself, pressing it at the same time and Shift will allow you to switch between different forms. Move the cursor diagonally to highlight the desired area.

Switch to the "Move" tool (V), and the selected area can be dragged both within the original image and into another image.

This method is similar to how to cut a picture in Paint, however, "Photoshop", of course, involves a more fine-tuning of tools and great opportunities.

copy picture to photoshop

If you drag in a single pictureyou need the selected fragment to stay in place and be moved (i.e., copied while dragging), while moving, press the Alt key.

Equilateral rectangle and circle

Very often, the requirements for how to cutpicture from the picture, suggest the selection of a square or circle. Of course, to achieve this by eye, with the help of guides or other auxiliary elements is very troublesome and long.

To do this, when using the selection tool, you just press the Shift key.

Moreover, you can construct a circle or a squarewith a certain middle. To build a shape centered at a certain point, place the cursor there and start moving diagonally with the Alt key pressed simultaneously. If both the Alt key and the Shift key are pressed, an equilateral rectangle or circle with the center at the specified point will be built.

Copy and transfer

Another way of how to cut an image frompictures in the program "Ftotoshop" consists in copying the selected area and further transferring it to another place in the same document or in another document. This is especially necessary when copying must be repeated.

Select the fragment of the form you need and copyit, and then paste. This can be done with the mouse and the menu: "Edit - Copy / Paste". The second way, more rational - using the keyboard. Press the Ctrl and C (Latin) keys simultaneously to copy, and the Ctrl and V keys to paste.

This way you can often use it to insert the cut out picture from "Photoshop" into another program.

Selecting an object of complex shape

Of course, Photoshop allows not onlycopy and transfer images of the correct form, but also cut out the picture on the contour. For this, the Lasso tool (L) is used. Simultaneous pressing the L and Shift keys will switch between different kinds of lasso.

A normal lasso is necessary for an arbitraryselection. Doing this with the mouse is quite problematic, since you need to actually outline a complex form. The usual lasso is used either in those cases when the exact form is not important, or if a graphic tablet is connected to the computer.

how to cut a picture

The Rectangular Lasso tool assumesfrom point to point. Select this tool and start circling the desired shape: put the first point and, without releasing the mouse button, place the points along the contour until the selection line is aligned around the fragment of the image to be cut. When this line is built, release the mouse button.

Finally, "Photoshop" provides an opportunityBuild a line of selection on a clear boundary between the images. To do this, you will need the Magnetic Lasso tool. Select it, place the cursor on the border of the image fragments, click and release the mouse, and then circle the outline of the image as precisely as possible, setting the direction of the tool - your misses will correct the lasso, "magnetizing" to the contour. The more accurate and contrast the contour, the better it will be seen by the instrument. To complete the selection, double click the mouse button.

how to cut a picture in paint

Next with the selected object you can work the same way as with figures of the correct form.

Magic wand

Finally, another way of how to cuta picture in "Photoshop", this is the use of "Magic Wand" (W). This tool allows you to quickly select an area of ​​the same color or tone and is very handy when you need to crop a background or cut a one-color shape.

Select the tool by pressing the "W" key, putcursor on the area you want to select, and click with the mouse. The accuracy of the magic wand can be adjusted by putting a certain number in the "Tolerance" field on the toolbar. The more this number, the more "Magic Wand" understands the color that it needs to be allocated, and vice versa. That is, if you want to extract a fragment of the exact shade, you must enter the minimum value.

cut out a picture on the contour

Thus, "Photoshop" provides a lot ofThe possibilities of how to cut a picture from a picture. Further processing of the cut out fragments with the help of the eraser or mask layer will allow creating accurate photo collages.

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