Removing Programs in Windows 8: Ways and Instructions


If you are an inexperienced user of Windows 8, andin general, any Windows, then this article will be just for you. In it, we'll cover the topic: "Uninstalling programs in Windows 8". We will analyze all the ways and talk about what happens if we delete them incorrectly. And, of course, we will tell you which utilities can be used for better removal.

What happens if I uninstall the program incorrectly?

By the word "wrong" we mean the oneThe case where a program or game is deleted in the trash. This method is most often welcomed by newcomers to computer science. Now let's open this issue in more detail.

The bottom line is that when installing anysoftware creates folders, multiple folders. You can notice only those, the path to which they paved themselves, but, believe me, there are many more. In addition to them, heaps of invisible files and folders are created, a lot of information is added to the registry, in the end it turns out that the hidden files take up a larger size than the installed program itself. If we take a living example, after removing Microsoft Office in this way, 1.5 GB of occupied space still remains on the computer. Clearly, this figure is too great.

But the occupied space on the hard disk isstill trifle. The bottom line is that the registry directly affects the performance of a personal computer. You did not notice that when you just installed Windows, it flies, as they say. But after a while the OS starts to slow down: the programs run for a long time, periodically they do not respond, the computer freezes. Yes, it's all because you incorrectly deleted the program. Now let's talk about what there are ways to remove programs in Windows 8.

How can I uninstall the program?

remove programs in windows 8

So, with how to incorrectly delete the software, we figured out, now it is necessary to tell how to delete them.

Fortunately, there are many ways for this, we will mention three main ones:

  • Windows tools;

  • with the help of uninstaller;

  • with the help of the utility.

Each way from the list is better than your ownpredecessor. So, if you use Windows tools, which are standard and are present not only on the "eight", you can quickly quickly remove the remainder of the program you need without any problems. But it happens that the list does not. In this case, you will be helped by an uninstaller, which is often located in the directory of the program itself. But it also happens that it is not there, in this case utilities will help out, designed to remove everything that they will show.

Uninstalling programs in Windows 8 is a standard procedure, which will be repeated very often, so we immediately begin to consider examples of uninstallation.

Programs and components

There is a utility in Windows 8 - installing / uninstalling programs. It is designed to properly remove unnecessary software. Dignity u nher one - it does not need to be installed. After installing the Windows itself, it is automatically installed on the PC.

In order to find it, you need to enter the "Panelyou can do it in several ways - either click on "Start" and select it in the list of programs, or perform a search by typing its name in the line. By the way, the search can be called with the hot keys Win + Q.

Once you are in the "Control Panel",find among all the titles "Programs and components". In the event that this is not found, then you are viewing large icons. Change them to small ones. In the upper right corner of the window there is this option.

free software removal program

In the programx and components you will see a huge list of allinstalled programs and games on your computer. Accordingly, you need to find the one you want to permanently erase from the hard drive. Using the mouse wheel, scroll through the list and, having found the required name, click on it with the left mouse button to make it stand out. After that, from the top, find the "Delete" button and click on it. You will be asked if you really want to remove the programs, if so, then confirm. By the way, this button can be signed by Unintall.


As it was said above, there is such a situation,When the program you want is not in the list. In this case, you need to use the uninstaller, which is located in the folder with the program itself. This application is unpacked there automatically when the software is installed, and its main task is to remove programs in Windows 8.

First of all, you need to open theandReprogram. Directory Is the folder where the software files are located. Usually you specify the path to it when installing. If you selected the default installation, the software is most likely unpacked in the Program Files folder, which is in the root folder of C. If you have searched everything there and have not found it, you can use a different method.

Find the shortcut of the program, most likely, itis on your desktop. Right-click on it and select "File Location" from the menu - the file directory will automatically open before you.

If the shortcut on the desktop is not, but isit's in the "Start" menu, then it's okay, open the "Start" and press the RMB on the program icon, select "Properties" from the menu. There, on the "Label" tab in the "Object" line, the path to the file is registered.

windows 8 installation remove programs

In the directory you need to find the uninstaller, most often it's called unins and has the extension .exe. The name may be mutated, but in factthe it will be similar. Open the application and the program will automatically disappear from your PC after your confirmation.


Now let's talk about CCleaner - this is the program for removing programs. You can download it free of charge from the official site, registering its name in the line of any search engine.

When installing, be neat: you will be asked to install additional software, such as Yandex.Browser and its utilities - uncheck the box and click "Next". After installationand run the program.

By the way, with the help of CCleaner the removal of malicious programs from Windows 8 is very good. The fact is that standard programs and components do not always find them.

Once the program has started, you can immediately go to the "Tools" menu. There by default you should open "Uninstalling programs", if this did not happen, select the item yourself.

remove malicious programs windows 8

Before you will see a list of all the programs on the PC,This window is similar to the "Programs and components" window, find the desired program in the list and select it, then click "Uninstall". In the event that you click "Delete", the program will simply be removed from the list, and all its files will remain on the PC.

This program for removing programs for free can erase from your hard disk any software, and also will not forget to clean the registry carefully.

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