Statuses in "Contact" about life: the best statements for social networks


Statuses in "Contact" about life - the most common. After all, the concept of the meaning of existence, the search for happiness and the principles by which a person seeks him, worries at a certain moment of each.

statuses in contact about life

The best statuses in "Contact"

  • "A person is changed only by another person."
  • "It's easy to stop worrying over trifles." It's enough to think how important this will be in five years. "
  • "Part with those who do not appreciate you."
  • "It's normal to make mistakes." No one is given instructions at birth. "
  • "A person feels himself alive not when he is loved, but when he loves himself."
  • "Think broadly and do not get hung up - that's my secret of happiness."
  • "Fate gives us opportunities and food for thought." We decide how to dispose of all this ourselves. "

Beautiful statuses in "Contact"

  • "The victory over one's fears is the greatest achievement of man."
  • "In any incomprehensible situation, remain a man."
  • "Sometimes crying all night, the next morning you will suddenly become happy."
  • "There must be envious people, otherwise how can you assess your own success?".
  • "The very fact of human birth is already an occasion for condemnation." Constantly proving one's rightness is like indulging the whims of others. "
  • "In life, everything is impossible and always monitored, leave room for the occasion and be pleasantly surprised."
  • "To prove to someone their importance is like asking for charity."
  • "To create a happy family, you need to be the happiest person yourself."
  • "All people come and go, you alone will remain with you forever, so it's important to live in harmony with that guy from the mirror."

Statuses in "Contact" about life independentlyit is not difficult to formulate. The main thing is to be able to invest in them the meaning that you give life itself. The proposed options can be used to formulate your own opinion in a statement for a social network.

best statuses in contact

Statuses in "Contact" about life and happiness

Statuses in "Contact" about life is on the pagealmost every person. They differ in their personal presentation, the system of values ​​and the acquired experience, on the basis of which conclusions are drawn. The following are various options for how a person describes life and his place in it.

  • "Rejoice in all the people who have gone through your life." Some made her happy with their appearance, others did not. "
  • "To make life happy, you need to start to enjoy everything and right now." Any little things, every second. "
  • "It's pointless to regret the past, if so did, then I did not know any other way."
  • "Any life's difficulties do not tolerate humor, joke on everything bad - and life will become easier."
  • "People who live in hopes, most likely, like surprises."
  • "A bad mood, like cigarettes." It not only shortens life, but also worsens its quality. "
  • "Life is like a game of chess, it all depends on your turn."
  • "If you constantly take into account someone else's opinion, wait for approval and postpone the pleasure, you can not notice how old age began."

beautiful statuses in contact

Statuses in "Contact" about life can becheerful and sad, philosophical and worldly, but they are always a reflection of the person's personality. Let such statements are always associated with happiness, optimism and hope for the best.

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