Do not know how to delete a folder? Then you need to read it!


When working with a personal computer oftenThere is a situation when the user tries to delete a folder or a file, but it does not work. If you encounter the same problem and do not know how to delete the folder, then this article is for you.

To begin with, you need to determine whether the folder is really undelete, or simply your actions are inconsistent with the computer.

For example, if you are working with some kind offile that is open, then you will not be able to delete the folder containing this file. This contradicts the algorithms of the PC. Such a folder is not deleted due to an error in the operation of the computer, but because of an error in the user's work.

It should be noted that it is not always possible to delete folders and files created by another user. Some are allowed to change / delete only by the creator.

So, if after you close all the files contained in the folder that is to be deleted, you still could not do it, follow the tips listed below.

The first thing that appears on the screen is a message like "Error Deleting Folder or File". How do I delete a folder when I receive such a message?

The answer is simple: use special programs to delete files.

One such program is a smallUnlocker utility. The first thing this utility will do is try to unlock and terminate all processes that use this folder, and then delete it. This program can be integrated into the context menu. In doing so, it will enable the user not only to delete the folder or file, but also to rename or move the desired object.

How to delete a folder

The next program is Wise Registry Cleaner. This application will easily clean the registry of unnecessary and not entirely correct information. If necessary, this information can be restored, since the utility will offer to make a copy of the registry initially. Sometimes in the title of the program you can read the prefix "Free". This means that the application is on the network in free access, that is, it is free.

Delete undelete folder

FileASSASSIN will help you answer the question: "How to delete a folder?" The program is similar to Unlocker, but inferior to it in functionality.

Programs for deleting files

LockHunter also knows the answer to the question: "How to delete a folder?" This utility permanently removes an unnecessary folder by unlocking the processes in which the latter is involved.


Another program that has a "speaker"Easy Cleaner. This utility will easily clean the registry, help remove the undelete folder, check the free space on the hard disks and edit the autorun. And if you mistakenly threw out the desired file, the recovery system will return it to its original location.


There are many similar programs. Above are only the most popular and the most simple to use. All data utilities are English-language, but when installed, they are easily Russified.

It is necessary to warn you thatThe uninstalled folder that is covered in this article is an object involved in a process. But at the same time, there are folders and files that can not be deleted even if they do not participate in running processes. The problem is that, most likely, your computer is infected with viruses. Therefore, before installing any of the proposed programs, we recommend running a full anti-virus scan of the computer. If the virus is found, you need to get rid of it and restart the PC. If there are no viruses, the above programs are always available for use.

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