Exit Windows on the tablet - the end of iOS?


In the recent past, the only directionThe work of Microsoft was the creation of exclusively desktop operating systems. But the sluggishness and sluggishness of the software giant once again played a bad joke with him: the "train" of mobile OS for smartphones and tablets quickly left the horizon.

windows on the tablet
Of course, the company's management is so simpleI did not intend to surrender. The answer to Apple and Google was Windows on the tablet, better known as Windows RT. However, tablets with classic Win8 are found more often in recent times. But we still consider the possibilities of devices running the RT-version, as it can be called "mobile" with great right. Still, it is she who works on ARM (architecture), due to what has both her pluses and her own minuses.

Perhaps, we will begin with minuses. At once we will tell, that RT Windows on a tablet till now can not brag of a decent amount of specialized applications. And this is not just a minus, but a huge minus!

tablet on windows 7
The fact is that ARM (architecture) does not allowrun on such a tablet full-fledged programs from the "normal" versions of "Windows". Of course, progress in this direction is: for example, not so long ago for this OS, craftsmen re-assembled the code of some popular games. To the credit of the "iron" of many tablets, it must be said that they have with dignity withstood the test. But those users who need a working tool, RT Windows on the tablet can not offer much ...

Yes, the same Surface is provided withinstalled Office RT, but when working with not even too heavy Word and Excel files, it palpably "lags." It is necessary to forget about smooth scrolling, and the time of work is significantly reduced. Of course, as an alternative, you can offer a tablet on Windows 7 ... But for sophisticated users such a proposal will look ridiculous. Firstly, such devices will not be found in the daytime with fire, and secondly, the classic "seven" unequivocally showed that it is completely unsuitable for touch control.

And now smoothly move to the merits of the newmobile OS. To begin with, it is very economical to battery resources. So, with a capacity of about 2600 mAh, the user gets an honest 8-10 hours of work. Of course, with not too active work or watching high-definition movies. Yes, with the last item of the program, the tablets on Windows 8 (2013) are doing fine, without slowing down.

tablets on windows 8 2013
In addition, in contrast to the same "Android"devices with "Winds" on board have full USB-ports, which makes it possible to use the tablet as a kind of charger for a smartphone. Given how greedy modern smartphones devour the resources of their batteries, it looks like a royal gift.

Let's end on an optimistic note. Despite the weak choice of applications in the store, Windows on the tablet is a good choice for a business person. Given the excellent battery life, the availability of a nearly full-fledged office suite and a huge variety of models, Microsoft no longer looks like a foreign element among the participants in "mobile racing".

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