How to remove YAC from the computer: basic problems and solutions


Sometimes users of computers working under thecontrol of Windows, notice the presence of some YAC program that spontaneously affects system settings, injects its elements into browsers and replaces the default search engines. Next, you are invited to familiarize yourself with the solution to the problem of how to remove YAC from your computer. It is necessary to consider such actions, if only for the reason that the application itself is unavailable if the system is operating in the normal mode.

YAC: what is this program?

To begin with, a few words about what the samerepresents this application and how useful it is to keep it on the computer. Immediately it should be said that the abbreviation of this program, formed from Yet Another Cleaner, should not be confused with the reduction of YaC (Yet Another Conference), which refers to the name of the annual forum on computer security conducted by specialists of the Russian company "Yandex".

yac how to remove from your computer

The described application is positioned as a certainChinese antivirus. That's just not very popular, although you can really download it on the official developer's website. So why do users have questions about how to uninstall the YAC program?

Penetration into the system and damage

As it turns out, in fact, this imaginaryThe antivirus has all the signs of viruses, which are commonly referred to as browser hijackers. In the system, it usually appears in the form of an additional partner utility installed during the installation of other software.

It is not necessary to speak about the harm to be done. Not only does the application spontaneously integrate into all browsers, substitute search engines and produce false virus alerts, so sometimes it starts to load system resources so much that it becomes impossible to work. But the main problem about how to remove YAC from a computer is just that using standard methods to do this is not so easy. There is only one option.

How do I uninstall the YAC program?

The first and most important condition for a workThe complete removal of this program is to boot the system in safe mode with disconnected Internet access. If this is not done, all the further described actions will be completely meaningless.

how to remove yac program

To go to the start menu at the beginning of the boot in systems below the tenth, you must press the F8 key. In Windows 10, you can use special boot options.

yet another conference

And only now to the question of how to remove YAC fromcomputer, you can proceed directly. First the program and component part is called, which can be found in the usual "Control Panel", after which the desired application is selected in the list and uninstalled.

As you know, Windows own uninstallersremove only the main components of the programs, resulting in the end of the process there is a huge amount of computer debris. Thus, after the completion of the standard process, you need to clean the registry, and then find all the folders or files related to the program and perform their deletion. Typically, the remaining elements are located in the Program Files directory on the system disk. It happens, however, that these components are protected from deletion. In order to get rid of them, they must first be unlocked, for example, by Unlocker.

yac what is this program

However, the problem of how to remove YAC fromcomputer, it can be solved even easier if the user has installed utilities on his computer to remove programs like iObit Uninstaller. After starting the application you need to find the program to be deleted (sometimes it can not be located in the main list, and Section superstructures and panels browsers), and then perform the standard removal procedure and at its end a powerful set scanning for the presence of residues. As is already clear, all found files, folders and registry entries must be completely deleted (it is desirable to note a special item at the bottom of the "Destroying files" window).

After this, it is necessary to restart the system in normal mode and just in case check it with some portable antivirus scanner or AdwCleaner utility (also a portable version).

Instead of the total

That's all, as for the removal of thispseudo-antivirus. As you can see, there is nothing particularly complicated here, but the main condition is the product of all actions exclusively in Safe Mode with the deactivated Internet connection.

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