Operating system Windows 7. How to remove programs from startup


Despite the release of the G-8, manyusers prefer to install on their computer Windows 7. How to remove programs from startup in this operating system? Which applications are recommended to leave in autorun, and which ones should be removed from it? You will receive answers to these questions after reading this article.

What are we talking about?

Startup is the service that is responsible forautomatic start of some applications right after the start of the operating system. At first glance, the autorun program when you turn on the device - it's very convenient. You know that even if you forget to open an application, it will start automatically.

In fact, the benefits are very doubtful. For example, if you click on the downloaded torrent file, the desired program will open itself, which means it makes no sense to keep it in the autorun.

Of course, there are applications that are simply requiredautomatically (system services and programs). However, most applications are recommended to be removed from startup. Why? You will learn more about this later.

Why clean the startup?

It is important to know that startup programs atTurning on the computer may adversely affect the speed of the device. Imagine a situation when there is a large number of applications in the autorun. As a result, after the PC is booted, you can not start working until all the programs are launched.

windows 7 how to remove programs from startup

In addition, these applications "eat" enougha lot of RAM, so the PC will "slow down". Perhaps you already noticed, spending time for some game, that the process turns into a slideshow. One of the reasons is a large number of open programs, each of which needs device resources.

Separately it is necessary to say about malicious softwaresecurity. An application downloaded from a site that has a bad reputation can be infected with a virus. If such a program is automatically added to the autorun, then each time the computer is turned on, the virus will activate.

How to uninstall programs from AutoPlay?

So, you installed Windows 7. How to remove programs from startup? In fact, everything is simple enough - you can use the "msconfig" command. By the way, after carrying out this operation you will notice that the device will be loaded faster.

By simultaneously pressing the "R" and"Win" open the "Run" utility. In the "Open" box, type the command "msconfig" and click "Enter". The "System Configuration" window will appear, where you need to refer to the "Startup" section. Now the user sees the list of applications. Those that are marked by the checkbox are automatically launched. If you uncheck the box, the program will not boot with the OS.

startup programs when you turn on

So, if you have Windows 7 installed, bothRemove programs from startup, you now know. But that's not all - it's also recommended to disable some services. In the "System Configuration" window, open the appropriate tab and check the option that will hide the Microsoft services so that you do not accidentally turn off them. Now deactivate services such as Skype, 2GIS and others.

Which programs to remove from startup, and which ones to leave?

Of course, disable all applications thatare in the autorun, you can not. Some of them are responsible for the correct operation of the operating system, so deactivation of such programs can deliver a lot of problems to the user.

In addition, it is not recommended to disable the antivirus,because the computer should always be protected from possible attacks. Therefore, if you have an antivirus program installed (Kaspersky, Avast, Avira, or any other), then leave it at startup.

what programs to remove from startup

Separately it is necessary to tell about cloud storages. If you are using, for example, Evernote or Google Drive, then such programs must be constantly turned on so that the information is synchronized between devices.

But the torrent client, various update services, Skype, Clean Master and other applications can be removed from the startup, thereby increasing the speed of the system.

Your assistant - CCleaner

In addition to the method, which was mentioned above,You can use the CCleaner application to remove unnecessary programs from startup. You can download it from the official website, and, what is remarkable, absolutely free.

remove unnecessary programs from startup

So, after installing the program, run it andrefer to the "Service" (menu on the left). Now open the "Startup" subsection. Select the application and click on the "Disconnect" or "Delete" button. As you can see, everything is very simple.

It is worth noting that with this program, the user can perform a number of other useful actions, for example, clear the browser cache or cookies, remove applications that you do not need.


Most likely, you made the right choice,installing on your PC a reliable OS Windows 7. How to remove programs from startup, you already know, so you can ensure the quick launch of the "seven" and its stable operation.

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