About how to clear search history in Yandex


If you decide to go to an Internet cafe forIn order to find out some necessary information on the Internet, but do not want others to see all your transitions after you, then you should know how to clear search history in Yandex. Of course, if you plan to use this browser.

Choice of approach

how to clear search history in Yandex
So, if you have a personal computerinstalled the specified browser, and you always use it, then we will now tell you how to look at the search history in Yandex, and also delete it if it is required. In order to clean the browser, the first thing you need to decide on what method you will use. For example, you can use a specialized program that is designed for the specified purposes, or you can perform all the actions yourself by browsing through the "cookie" and temporary files. Naturally, after such an operation, you will also have lost passwords and all sites in the browser.


delete search history in yandex
However, today we decided to talk about one thingThe way in which you can clean your browser. Before proceeding to the question of how to delete the search history in Yandex, you will need to directly open the browser itself. Further in the upper right corner you will be able to notice a special icon, which is made in the form of a gear. Your task is to click on it, and then a drop-down menu will appear, in which you need to find the "History" tab. Next, a new window should open in which you will be able to view all the information about site transitions. Now you need to decide for yourself whether you will delete the entire history, or only part of it. If full clearing is required, then you can find the corresponding button and by clicking on it just once, you will get the result. In order to perform a similar action in part, you need to tick off the sites that you need to remove, and eventually click on the "Delete selected items" button. As you can see, the question of how to clear search history in Yandex is solved simply and quickly.


Let's now analyze how to removesearch history in the search system "Yandex". In fact, this issue is also solved very quickly, and you do not need any special knowledge, follow the instructions that we now give. First of all you will need authorization in the Yandex mail server. Next, you can find at the top of the page a special button called "Setup", you need to click on it. Now we are discussing the issue of how to clear search history in Yandex. When you get to the new settings page, you need to go down to the bottom and find the corresponding button there. Note that all data entered into the search system will be stored there only if the appropriate parameters are set, but if you did not put them yourself, in this case the action will not occur. If you need to change the settings that allow you to save search queries, then on this page go to the "My finds" tab, after which you can find the item "Record history". Accordingly, after carrying out these actions, all information will be recorded.


see Yandex search history
How to clear search history in Yandex, nowyou know. In fact, all these steps are performed very quickly, we described them in detail for those users who are newbies and just get used to the browser. If you are recently working on a PC, then we recommend that the whole procedure be followed carefully.

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