Errors crash service.exe - what is it?


Crash service - one of the EXE files, located inregistry and relating to the Third-Party App. It is intended for normal operation of the OS, but it can present a lot of troubles, after which there is a desire to remove it permanently.

Causes of malfunctions

crash service exe what is it?

Many start to wonder, crashservice exe - what it is, when the system gives certain failures. They can be triggered by malware, as well as by viruses that adversely affect the file. So there are unwanted programs that can purposely remove part of the EXE-shnika. There are utilities that do not specify what it is - crash service.exe, which causes a conflict. Perhaps you just did not fully install the Third-Party App.

How to fix the problem

Now you have an idea of ​​what it isprocess - crash service.exe. If you have a similar error, you will have to figure out what it is. Perhaps the programs that work with this file can not find it because of the wrong path. If the registry was corrupted, then most likely the file is already in a completely different folder. And also, it could damage the viruses, which prevents the EXE-shnik from running. Trying to fix the registry yourself is highly discouraged, as this can lead to unstable your PC.

crash service exe what is it?

The best way is to download CCleaner. This program, developed at Microsoft, knows exactly what it is - crash service.exe, and how it should be in its original form. It will automatically scan your system and will be able to detect all the registry damage. Be sure to make a backup that can restore the software in case of an emergency. And also do not forget that you need to check the computer for viruses, which can detect regular means and installed antiviruses.

Knowing what it is is crash service.exe, and having CCleaner installed, it's easy to fix an error that often appears even for experienced users.

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