How to open the control panel in Windows 8


Now we will look at how to open the control panel in Windows 8. This tool in Windows 8 has almost the same functionality as the one on Windows 7.

Control Panel Features

how to open the control panel in windows 8
Among other things, the Windows 8 control panelallows the owner of a personal computer to solve the following issues independently: changing the background and desktop theme, family security, power settings, screen resolution.

About the tools that the panel haswe will talk later, and now we will return to the main topic. The fact is that not every user of Windows 7 can immediately understand, and also understand how to open the control panel in Windows 8. Therefore, this issue should be given more attention.

How to open the control panel in Windows 8 - options

First of all, you should know that Windows 8 hastwo interfaces: Classic and Metro. Now we will consider in the conditions of these interfaces possible options for finding the "Control Panel" we need. With the built-in Windows 8 of the usual "Search" you can find everything, even the "Control Panel", both in the interface "Classic" and "Metro".

You can also find the tool you are looking for in"Applications". If you use the "Classic" interface, the standard "Explorer" will also answer you to the question of where the control panel is located, if it is properly requested.

Touch magic

control panel windows 8
Now more and more computers are equipped with touch screens. Given this, you should consider how to open the control panel in Windows 8 on such devices.

You should begin the procedure by using the optionsthe "Search" function. We will look at this method using the Metro interface as an example. However, in the conditions of "Classics" the "Search" system functions in exactly the same way, and the actions should be similar. In case you do not have a keyboard and mouse at hand, use a stylus or a finger, this means that you own a device with a touch screen. It is interesting that in our native Russian language a special word "i Finger" appeared recently (it comes from English - iFinger). It's about the finger of the hand, the purity of which must be constantly maintained in order to be able to use the tablet or smartphone, without smearing them at the same time.

Sleight of hand

where the control panel is located
In order to open the section we need,as quickly as possible, swipe your finger from the right side of the screen. Before you there will be a small panel, which has a "Search" button on top. Touch the "Search" button to open it. Enter in the window of this function without quotes the phrase "control panel".

Press (stylus, mouse or finger) on a speciala magnifying glass icon that can be found in the "Search" line at the end. So, start the "Search". At the end of this process, the desired panel icon will appear on the display. Touch it with your finger (or stylus), and you will see "Control Panel".

If you use a mouse, you can go tothe next way. Move the mouse pointer over the upper right corner of the screen, and after a little to the left. In other words, from the top right-hand corner, move the mouse from right to left. After that, the panel appears, where the "Search" button is first. Next, in the "Search" enter the same as above, without the quotes phrase "control panel". You will see the icon of the required tool.

It remains only to click on it, in order to move to"Control panels". You can also not enter any combinations in the "Search", as described above. Just refer to the "Applications". Slowly scroll from right to left with the finger of the "Applications" screen, find the name "Service - Windows". Here, among the "Service" applications, the necessary panel is hidden.

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