What is the Excel formula, and what is it for?


If you have ever worked with electronictables on the computer, then with great confidence you can say that you opened and edited them in the famous Microsoft Excel program. And this is completely unsurprising, since this application is the second most common in the segment of standard office utilities.

excel formula
Unfortunately, the level of knowledge of users is oftenis up to the insulting low, which often leads to various unpleasant consequences or complete inability to perform elementary actions. In particular, do you know what an Excel formula is? If not, our article is written especially for you!

So, the formulas in this appendix are calledspecial text commands that allow users in a simple and convenient form for them to manage very complex mathematical calculations. For example, using their capabilities, you can create your own functions. In order not to be unfounded, here is the Excel formula written as "= SUMM (B1: B64)".

formulas in excel tables
Do not confuse the ":" sign with division, since in this case it means only the range. If to decrypt, this expression gives the command on summation of values ​​in cells, whose range is from B1 to B64.

The possibilities of formulas are very wide. Let's take a situation where you need to duplicate the automatic filling of a range of cells. Of course, you can use tedious manual calculation (we do not advise doing this!), But why then do you work in a spreadsheet? To do this, try the following: open a new table and in the first cell (A1) enter any number. Suppose that your own Excel formula should automatically double the value in each subsequent cell.

Then click the left mouse button on cell A2,then put the cursor in the formula input line. Enter the sign "=", after which we write "A1 * 2" (in the end we get "= A1 * 2"). Click on "Enter", after which the second column immediately displays the number "2". But you want the Excel formula to spread to other cells? Do not worry, it's even easier.

formula line in excel
Clicking the left mouse button on cell A2,hook it to the bottom right corner of the mouse, drag it to the range of cells that you need. Now you do not have to worry about the recalculations: all conversions will be executed by the program in automatic mode. How do I know if the formulas in Excel tables are defined correctly? Simply select the cell you are interested in with the left key, then look at the input line: if there is something like "A8 * 2" displayed, then everything is in order.

It does not take long to talk about how muchuseful is such functionality for those who are constantly forced to work with electronic documents! You will be completely rid of the need for tedious and constant work with the "Calculator", the time of execution of even complex work operations will decrease many times. In addition, the formula line in Excel is likely to greatly facilitate the life of students, as they quickly and effortlessly calculate almost any laboratory work.

In a word, having learned how to work correctly with the program, you will greatly facilitate your life by increasing your efficiency.

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