How can I use autorun programs when you turn on the computer


Each of us when working for personalThe computer uses a certain set of commands. If this is your workplace, then it takes a long time to download all the necessary software. You come to the computer, turn on the power of the system unit, after starting the operating system, start starting a lot of shortcuts, spending your time on it, although they could do something more useful. To make life easier in this situation, autorun programs can come to the rescue when the computer is turned on.

autorun programs when you turn on the computer

What is autostart and why is it needed?

So, autorun. As the name suggests, these are programs that run without your command, at the start of the operating system. But do not confuse them with viruses. Yes, some malicious software is able to register in autorun, but it's not about it at all. Some programs, such as Skype, register in autorun and remove them from there is quite problematic, but you can turn it off. Some programs are not written to autorun, but continue to bother users, appearing on the monitor when the PC is booted, but you can cope with this misfortune.

Common methods

If you are tired of the autorun program atincluding a computer, there are several ways to remove annoying applications. Let's first look at some of the options that are common to most operating systems before the Windows 8 generation. These include the autorun of Windows XP and Windows 7.

autostart windows xp programs

  1. The Start panel. If you click on the Win icon on the desktop, and then follow the path "My Programs" - "Startup", the folder will open. If you place program shortcuts in it, applications will be opened automatically when you start your computer. The converse is also true. If there is a shortcut for a program in it, then when it is removed, the application will stop running automatically. However, this is not a panacea. Programs such as Skype and Torrent are not placed there, so removing them from autorun is more difficult.
  2. Another, more effective way thatwill allow you to configure the autorun program when you turn on the computer, this is to enter the msconfig command in the Start menu in the search bar. There, by going to the "Startup" tab, you can remove all the necessary checkboxes in front of the annoying applications.
  3. Many third-party applications have a built-in startup configuration feature. You will not find their autoloader in the described places, but you can turn on / off it through the settings of the program itself.

    autorun programs windows 8

The first method is best suited if youyou want to add the program to autorun, because if necessary, remove it from there it will be easier to do. On the question: "How to remove the program from autorun" the second item answers.

Windows 8: features of autorun

Since our favorite developers have managed to change everything here, the autorun of Windows 8 programs also differs from all previous versions of operating systems.

In addition to the above methods, the new operatingthe system provides the user with the ability to manage autorun through the task manager. On the one hand, it is much more convenient, because it's much easier to get to this utility. On the other hand, it is now available to even the most unenlightened users who are able to spoil something.

how to remove the program from autorun

As you can see, the autorun of Windows 8 programs is quite easy to manage. To turn off or turn on any program, just click the appropriate button.

CCleaner is a useful program

If you do not want to rummage through the "insides" of yourmachines, to configure the autorun programs when you turn on the computer, you can use special applications. The leader among operating operating systems of programs by right is the utility CCleaner. At the moment version 5.02 is available. With it, you can also set the autorun program when you turn on the computer. To do this, after running the application, go to the "Tools" tab, and then - to the sub-item "Autostart". Before you will be a whole control panel, in which you can configure autorun not only when the operating system is loaded, but also when running individual applications (for example, specific browsers).

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