World of Tanks: guide. "Skoda T-50" and its use


The "Skoda T-50" has a difficult fate.This model was recycled several times, and in the end, designers almost completely changed the original idea. In the game World of Tank, new tanks from the "Czech" series appeared relatively recently, but already managed to win the hearts of many players.


The player has two options, how to pumpthe armament of the tank Skoda T-50. The first of these is the use of the sink tower. Why should not it be changed? The fact that the tower in 1949 has the best booking on the sides and stern. While the 1950 model is much better protected from frontal attacks. Both towers have a good choice of weapons, allowing them to play 95% of the role of the tank in battles.

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  • For the first option, you can use two guns.A20 - the basic armament of your tank. Has the lowest penetration of armor, but the base damage does not lag behind other options. In addition, the 0.5 has a high firing rate per minute. The R11 gun is the golden mean. Increased armor-piercing, but the rate of fire decreases.
  • Installing the tower in 1950, you will have access totop gun - AK1. It in all respects surpasses its predecessors, but there is a main difference. AK1 is a weapon with a drum. Thus, in a short period of time you can do a lot of damage, but it takes a very long recharge.


The tank "Skoda T-50" has a mediocre armor foreven for the middle class. So to shine in one-on-one dueling does not shine you. However, this machine is ideal for flank attacks. Good speed it allows. With a top engine of 1000 horsepower, the tank can reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. This is suitable for both clearance and quick maneuvering on the defensive.

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Chassis is also pleased.If the flow rate of rotation is only 38 degrees, then in the updated version - 42. Not that very much, but will allow to conduct an effective fight against other medium tanks. A radio station does not require improvement. In the basic assembly, it gives up to 730 meters of communication. In the advanced version, the range will be 850 meters.


The next thing that should take into account the guide ("Skoda T-50"),is the number of people in the car. The crew of the tank consists of standard four people. They must have the skills of "Combat Brotherhood" and "Repair". Despite the low armor, the tank has a good safety margin, which means that you will often have to repair damaged items right in the battle. Of the remaining perks you will need the following:

  • The commander must have "Sixth Sense" and "Radio Interception". Skills are aimed at finding the enemy and surviving.
  • The gunner must learn the "Smooth Turn of the Tower" and "Fire Fighting". However, remember that the second skill is calculated as an average, which means that the bonus will be only 25%.
  • For the driver-mechanic "Smooth move" is important. An additional skill is to take the "Off-road King".
  • Charging the same need "Contactless" and "Desperate".


In the World of Tank, the new tanks are quite good.Almost the entire branch is replete with fairly balanced machines. There is only one effective set of equipment, which should be used by the player on the "Skoda T-50". As consumables, you need to install large sets: first aid kit, repair kit and fire extinguisher. This will give passive bonuses to protection against ignitions, crew injuries and equipment damage. Spending in battle is not necessary, and a one-time purchase will not be so expensive.

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Continuing the guide ("Skoda T-50"), you should alsounderstand that the choice of additional equipment will depend on your style of play and the role you are playing. In any case, you can safely install "Improved ventilation" to increase all the characteristics of the tank. Also useful are the "Stabilizer of Vertical Lapping" and "Enhanced Lifetime Drives". "Sender" is absolutely useless because of the presence of a drum at the top gun. Increase the speed of recharging, although it will be significant, but the main damage will still be caused by three alternate shots.

With ammunition everything is also very simple. Armor piercing shells can overcome up to 248 mm of enemy defense. This is quite enough for battles with equal opponents on level. Fugas deals up to 420 damage per shot, but is only able to overpower 50 mm. Cumulative projectiles break through to 310 mm. Thus, it makes sense to take up to 60% of the armor piercing reserve and 15% to dispatch to other types of shells. It's still not very efficient to use them at their expense.


The last thing that our guide should consider is:"Skoda T-50" and its tasks on a tactical map. First of all, you should prepare for difficulties with pumping. It will take a lot of experience, but because of bad stock tools it will be recruited slowly. Also there will be a problem with the installation of the top gun - initially you will need all modifications of the running gear, and this is also a bunch of experience.

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Due to the weak armor of the tank, our guide ("Skoda T-50")recommends avoiding head-on collisions with the enemy. Despite the high damage, the car has a weak reservation, which means that it is necessary to climb first to someone else. You will not be shown a low passability, so another player should take care of this task.

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