Game "Stalker", Gauss gun: where to find?


Almost every citizen of the CIS at least heard aboutsuch a wonderful game as "Stalker", because she tells us about an alternative reality in which, after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, there was a gap in the noosphere, from which all who were there, irrevocably changed, both physically and mentally. There were mutants, artifacts, as well as many research centers that study the abnormal nature of the region. One of their achievements was the Gauss gun. In this article, we will describe in detail where to find this gun in different modes, parts of "Stalker", as well as a bit of history.

History of creation

For the first time this type of rifle appeared in the firstpart of the "Stalker", which was called "Shadow of Chernobyl." On the penultimate location "Pripyat" the player was met by multiple enemy forces, they were everywhere, even on the roofs of abandoned houses, from which we were fired from Gauss. The rifle itself is incredibly rare, and if you did not correctly kill the "Monolith", then we can safely say that you will not touch it more in the game. It is also possible that the corpse of this soldier will fall, but there will be no ammunition to the rifle at all. All this is due to the fact that the development of the first part was conducted in an incredible hurry, many weapons were cut, not to mention the location, cars and much more.

stalker near the zone

If we talk about the mention of this rifle,then at the location of "Dark Valley", we could save the stalker from the bloodsucker right in front of the base of the bandits, for which he thanks us with information, they say, they sell the Gauss gun for only 800 rubles at the pig farm. We go there, give the stalkers 800 rubles, which at the very beginning of the game can change a lot, but in return we are given nothing, and even more: we are driven from the territory of the pig farm, tk. They do not have a Gauss rifle, and this money will go to charity. After that, you can safely kill them, and with the stalker "Ghoul" will drop a special silent rifle "Viper".

This all happened in the first part, but already inThe second, whose name is "Pure Sky", you can easily find this rifle. The right to purchase it is given to players whose actions are impeccable (statistics can be seen in the PDA), after which each trader will gladly sell you Gauss and the first-generation exoskeleton.

weapon weapon

"Call of Pripyat" tried to be as similar as possibleon the first part, which, in fact, it turned out, because in this part the rifle gets again from the roof and again from the corpse of the fallen soldier "Monolith". After it is raised, a special quest is activated, which we'll talk about a bit later.

Real analogues

Fortunately, and maybe, to trouble, but such weaponsexists in the modern world, although it is quite stationary. In the series of games "Stalker" we were told that the Gauss gun is mobile and so deadly only because of an autonomous power source. The power of the game and real guns are slightly different. But they are both incredibly deadly.

In real life, the name of this gun is Railgun,from one name it can be understood that in the trunk of this gun contains two long magnets, and at the very beginning a shell that is not a dielectric, since will not react to a colossal magnetic field. A magnetic field of enormous power is created thanks to a high voltage capable of providing 19,000 homes, and this is a small city.

Gauss gun

During the flight, the projectile collides withobstacle, but because of the incredibly high speed (more than 1.5 kilometers per second), it does not require an explosive element, because one kinetic energy is enough not only for an incredible impact force, but also for stitching through almost any obstacle. Railgun is planning to equip the US Navy warships by about 2020, but now there are full-scale development of a power source capable of charging such a murderous cannon. A real sample was told, now it is necessary to find out where to find the Gauss gun. By the way, the gun can be obtained in an abusive manner, but this we do not recommend to do, because it disrupts the gameplay, in contrast to the custom modifications in which this rifle is implemented in full. There are a lot of such mods, and finding them will not be difficult.

Where can I find the Gauss gun in the "Call of Pripyat"?

To activate this incredibly interestingquests you will need to get to Pripyat first, but before that, build a team from Givi, the former Monolith, and the alcoholic Dolgovets, who sits in the tower near the Yanov station. Only here each of them will need your help. One to get out of debt, another - to find the meaning of life, and the third - a good drink. All quests are incredibly interesting, so we recommend that they pass, after that you can call them with you on a hike through abandoned tunnels near Pripyat. Upon arrival, you will be met by a military detachment, thanks to which you can get this gun.

stalker at the exit

After negotiations with the military you are sent tomission, where it is necessary to release the old hospital from the "Monolith". After the destruction of half of the opponents there will be a message that a sniper with an unusual rifle appeared on the roof. Kill the sniper, take the Gauss gun and go to the general to dry clean. After a short hesitation, you are sent to Cardan on a ship.

Cardan says that during the Soviet timesscientists and developed this gun, and to fix it after a scrap in Pripyat, we need to go down to the laboratory near the transformers. After the dialogue, he kindly gives us the key card, and we descend into the dungeon behind the drawings of the Gauss rifle. We return all the documents to Cardan, and he gives us a repaired rifle.

Where can I find the Gauss gun in the Shadows of Chernobyl?

In this part, everything is much more complicated, becausethe chance to get a gun will be practically on the penultimate location - in Pripyat. Before the abandoned stadium in you will shoot "Monoliths" from Gauss. Every hit on you will be critical, and if in the head, then deadly. Shoot them in the forehead is strictly not recommended, because because of this, the cannon will fall to the roof, which you can not climb in any way, so you need to run from cover to cover, then shoot in the side of this fighter. The fighter with the rifle falls to the ground. If you are very lucky, then in the backpack of the corpse you will find cartridges. By the way, ammunition is almost impossible to find, only from very rare caches. The merchants can not find them.

Where to find the cannon in "Narodnaya Solyanka"

The question of where to find the Gaussian gun of a stalkerProkopenko, many are asked, because the developers of AMK made this quest very, very difficult. To receive, you need to first get a pass to the territory of the debt, then go to Petrenko and talk with him on various topics, after which she tells us that somewhere in the Dark Valley, the Gauss pistol was missing. We run to the pig farm, which we talked about above, we go to the barrel on the support, which is directly opposite the stone fence, and under the barrel and will be abandoned without a gun. You can understand this yourself, if you open the PDA, and in the instructions for the quest look at the screenshot.

stalker near the aisle

Is it possible to improve the Gauss rifle?

As already mentioned, all parts of the "Stalker"were created in an incredible hurry, from which not all the possibilities were realized, including weapon modifications. Yes, in the "Call of Pripyat" and "Clear Sky" there is a mechanism for improving weapons, but not all units. This problem is happily solved by custom modifications. In the "People's Solyanka" in 2017, you can buy any special case with tools from any trader, or go to the Bar, where two professors will improve the characteristics of not only the Gauss gun, but also other rare weapons.

stalker game

What kind of ammunition are needed?

In the Stalker. Call of Pripyat "Gauss gun has as many as 2 types of ammunition: high-quality, ie industrial, artisanal. There are two types of ammunition for the same rifle only by force of penetration, and also by price, which forces players to pay attention to the second option Factory can be purchased from stalkers for about 2000 rubles, if you are on good terms with the seller.Kudan can create for us Cardan after the passage of the quest, about which we spoke above.We will create for us a fee in the form of vodka for us artisan warriors Ipas.


We hope that after reading this article, youunderstood what a gun Gauss. This weapon is the most powerful, so the demand for it is incredibly large. If for some reason you did not manage to get the Gauss rifle, then you can correct the configuration of the game, after which it will be sold at the desired dealer.

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