Statuses in "Vatsap": beautiful statements for good mood


Tired of an abundance of bad news in the tapesocial networks? Do you want to decorate your profile with an original cheerful statement? Then the statuses in "Vatsap" collected in the article will help to do this. With a good mood, as you know, life also becomes easier.

Statuses in "Vatsap": funny sayings

Do you want to decorate the profile with a funny and even slightly ironic phrase?

  • "I need to take what I am now." It's not going to get worse, but there's nowhere better. "
  • "The more precious the character, the heavier it is."
  • "The only thing I can do with my eyes closed is to sleep."
  • "I've never loved my work like I did on vacation."
  • "Go to bed on time so that you do not have horror pictures on the mirror in the morning."
  • "Sweet improves the work of the brain." Candies with liquor also add self-confidence. "
  • "When I was little, I really wanted to grow up." "I've never been so mistaken in my life!"
  • "A bachelor is a person whom the other half could not comprehend."
  • "It is very worrying if there are money left at the end of the month." You begin to remember what you forgot to pay for. "
  • "Of bad habits, I have only work."
  • "Even in the most sad life there is something funny, for example, the salary".
  • "The most miserable sight is a person who explains his joke."
  • "Bummer is a man who has stopped hiding that he is doing nothing."
  • "I know how to admit mistakes.

statuses in vatsap

The statuses in "Vatsap" with a fraction of light humor are relevant always and everywhere. Such statements will make your friends smile.

Original statuses

Do you want to express your feelings and shine with originality? Here is a list of suitable statuses:

  • "It's not so important who is ahead of you." It's more important who goes with you around. "
  • "People are divided into two types: true and temporary."
  • "A person usually notices what he does not have: lonely - happy married, married - happy bachelors."
  • "The crisis is not" all bad. "The crisis is" before, it turned out, it was good. "
  • "All children are eager to live as they want, but at the expense of their parents."
  • "The level of my luck - I was late for a 24-hour store."

statuses in vatsap cool

Beautiful statuses in "Vatsap"

Sometimes you want to decorate your profile with a beautiful phrase that reflects your mood and inner state:

  • "Only those who behave themselves worthy can expect respect for themselves."
  • "The higher the value of a thing, the more it has fakes." Similarly, with friendship. "
  • "Do not get ahead of the events, do not push the time, everything that's needed will happen at the right time."
  • "Take care of people whose old messages are rereading with a smile."
  • "You'll never fall, lying on the couch."
  • "For the realization that you do not need anyone, you should simultaneously have a tempting and horrifying feeling of freedom."
  • "Expectations come true when you let them go."
  • "Hatred is easier than love, you can explain why you hate a person." What you love for is not always understandable. "
  • "Doubts are worse than mistakes."
  • "Now, the weakness of the weaker sex should be remembered not by men, but by women."
  • "An aimless person is killed by every failure."
  • "A truly intelligent person can remain silent when he is right."

Today, you can learn a lot about a person,viewing his entries on social pages on the Internet and various messengers. Let the chosen statuses in "Vatsap" radiate an incorrigible optimism and please others.

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