What is wireless acoustics?


Today the wireless speaker systemslowly begins to displace wired analogs. To introduce you to this type of speakers, I will test one of the popular models of a well-known manufacturer. It is an advanced device in a minimalist design, which is characterized by sound at the highest level. I think that it will suit every person who keeps pace with the times.

wireless acoustics

This wireless speaker is equipped with an antenna,which is fixed to the rear panel of the case. It has ports for twisted pair and flash drives, a mini-jack and a connector for a power source. They are protected by rubber plugs. The front panel does not have any buttons or connectors. The exception is the tiny sensors, which are located at the bottom. The system is controlled by the remote control.

This wireless speaker is not removablegrill, so I could only examine the arsenal of available radiators from a certain angle. There are two woofers, the diameter of the diffusers is slightly less than eight centimeters. In the middle there is an inch-mounted tweeter. Port bass reflex has an oval shape. It is hidden neatly under the grill and displayed directly on the front panel.

wireless speaker system

As for the amplifier, this wirelessThe acoustics is equipped with a 20-watt device whose resistance is eight ohms. A pleasant option is the Apple AirPlay protocol support. It is able to open access to the contents of iTunes libraries, which are available on the devices of this company. In the case of using a smartphone from another manufacturer, the owner will be able to receive music stream from the devices performed on the Android platform. If wireless speakers are to be used with devices running Windows, there will also be no problems.

The device is equipped with a lithium battery. This will keep it running smoothly for about five hours. The equipment has another excellent quality. It is well protected from moisture and dust. This will make it possible to safely deliver the speakers to the veranda, which can be located in your country house. A computer or laptop containing your favorite music tracks collection will not be necessary in this case. And in an apartment that has a large area, you can easily put the system in different places, because it is not tied to another device by wires.

wireless rear speakers

This acoustics, although it has a small power,It is able to fill up with excellent sounding spacious rooms. This is achieved thanks to excellent dynamics, bass elasticity, detail. It played various musical directions, and they all sounded very good. This is heavy music, and club electronic, and tracks of popular pop line, as well as jazz and blues.

If you want to purchase additionalwireless rear speakers, make sure before buying in the functionality and sound quality. In general, this device is not without reason deserves increased attention to itself.

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