Statuses about the snow: sharing joy with others


Most people do not imagine winter without snow. Without a sparkling frosty morning, white hats on the roofs of houses and a crunch in time with the steps on the way to work. Statuses about snow will help to share such joy with others, to report how beautiful the winter is in all its manifestations.

Statuses about snow: beautiful phrases

  • "Adults remain in the soul of children as long as they are delighted by snowfall."
  • "Snowfall and a cup of hot coffee are forced to talk about the main thing."
  • "The snow illuminates even the night."
  • "The weather never gives such pacification and rest to a person as in a snowfall."
  • "It's cozy in the snow even in the crowd."
  • "The dance of snowflakes is the most enchanting sight".
  • "Everyone likes snow, it's not for nothing that they are so indignant when it melts!"
  • "Under the snow, those who have warmth in their soul do not freeze."
  • "I can look at forever for two things - falling snowflakes and lights of a garland."
  • "Snowfall at Christmas means God's grace."
  • "On a winter night it seems that snowflakes are pouring from the street lamps."
  • "How can you not admire the fact that no snowflake is like the other?"

Statuses about snow like for their poetry. Like the winter itself for snowflakes from the sun and under the light of night lights.

statuses about snow

Statuses about the first snow

  • "With the first snow begins a new life."
  • "How little I need for happiness - just watch the flying white flakes."
  • "Once you decide that miracles do not happen, the first snowflakes start to fall."
  • "How wonderful, waking up in the morning, to see that yesterday's gray day turned into a white fairy tale."
  • "Peace is born in the soul and hope, when you look at the first falling snowflakes."
  • "When you look at the sky at the falling snowflakes,first I want to screw up my eyes. You think they'll screw your eyes, like it's flour. But the beauty is worth it, you open your eyes and with joy you realize that everything is fine. Is and will be. "
  • "The snow can not but rejoice, for the first appearance of it means the end of the autumn melancholy."
  • "With the first snow everything becomes clear - what is important, and what happened in vain."

statuses about the snow are beautiful

Statuses about winter and snow

Some statuses about snow can be used notby appointment. Individual phrases can be part of fairy tales for children, postcards for loved ones. The main thing is to want to transfer some of your warmth and winter comfort to another person.

  • "In the winter they usually lie that they wait for the summer and want to go to the sea, but in fact they are fascinated by the snowfall."
  • "Winter is the time of snowfalls, silence, tart wine and strong embraces."
  • "In childhood, the most important question was - is snow sculpted on a winter day?"
  • "It's easier to forget in winter." It's worth seeing how the snow clears away the left traces. "
  • "Winter is not cold, winter is an occasion for warm encounters."
  • "With the arrival of winter, all anxiety falls asleep with snow."
  • "Only in the winter from the person the angel can turn out, on a snow".
  • "They say that the winter is barbed and cold, but what about the snow cover?"
  • "In winter, miracles happen at every step." For example, I never understood how cats do not fall into the snow? "
  • "Did you notice that people are happier in a quiet winter evening?"
  • "The snow sweeps everything except the human soul." In the winter everything freezes except the heart. "

statuses about the first snow

Statuses about snow are usually chosen by people who are romantic. Those who believe in the magic of winter and likes to share this joy. So let every snowy day bring us a little faith in a better tomorrow.

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