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Surely, many parents were faced with the fact thatthe child, coming from school / kindergarten, began to ask to buy him this or that thing, arguing that, they say, everyone has this. Recently, more often you can meet children of five years, walking not only with some new phones, but also with tablets. Some parents probably wondered: "What is a tablet, and what is it for?" Let's try to understand.

Tablet for the child
When your child asks for a tablet, heprobably refers to the Tablet PC - a mini version of a stationary computer, which differs from the latter with less power. Functions of the device can perform different: from watching cartoons to reading books. The opinions about such "advanced toys" are completely different. Someone believes that it is useful for a child to master high technologies from childhood, and someone says that the tablet can be harmful.

Those who still decided to make such a purchase, sometimes wonder: "And how to choose the right tablet for the child?" When choosing a device, three criteria should be followed:

1. Security. This is the first thing that should worry you, because your child will use the tablet. When choosing a tablet, avoid models with sharp corners or details that the child can gnaw and swallow. Also it is necessary to take care of the screen. Of course, modern screens are about the same, but still, the better the screen, the better for the view. Do not spoil it at such a small age.

drawing tablet buy
Also, do not forget about parental control, if your child has access to the Internet. For example, children's tablets Turbo Kids and Pulwin Baby allow you to configure such a function in browsers.

2. Functionality. A tablet for a child must meet its requirements. Virtually every device has a standard set of functions. If he, say, needs a tablet for drawing - you can buy such a device, which would be good to transmit colors. You can also buy special drawing applications that will give the small user many opportunities to implement their ideas.

3. The price. Of course, often everything depends on the price. But you need to take care of the safety of your child. If you have limited means, it's not worth choosing models that are too cheap. As a rule, the build quality of such devices leaves much to be desired, and the viewing angle is often small, and this can ruin your child's eyesight.

What is a tablet and what is it for?
In this case, it is better to buy a special childchildren's tablet. For example, a tablet for a child Turbo Kids has a streamlined shape and a minimum of small parts. As a rule, such devices are very high-quality assembly, because they are made specifically for children. In addition, the advantage of children's tablets over the usual lies in the fact that it already contains various training programs, fairy tales, so-called "drawing", coloring, etc.

In any case, dear moms and dads, when buying, you should remember that a tablet for a child should not replace parents, it is just an auxiliary tool in the upbringing of your child.

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