What are the ides in "Maynkraft"?


If you are going to work with the console in"Maynkraft", then you have to learn a lot of important details. The console can be useful to you not only if you are a server administrator on the network, but also in a single game, if you want to diversify the process. So every self-respecting gamer knows at least the basic commands in the game, as well as the most important ida. And here comes a perfectly legitimate question: "What are idas?" The fact is that in other games such a term was not particularly used - it was in "Maynkraft" that it became as popular as possible. In this article, you will learn about what idas are, how to use them, and why they are needed.

The meaning of the term "ida"

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So, you're playing "Maincraft." And they first encountered how other players use the term "ida". Naturally, you want to know what it means. And start using this term, if it is so widespread. If you do not know what idas are, then in this article you will learn absolutely everything about them. Ides are the identification numbers of objects in the game. Each object, block, tool and even a small pebble has its own identifier, with which it is determined in the game. What is the reason for this name? In fact, the story is very simple - the fact is that in English identifiers are denoted as ID, and in Russian players read it as two letters - "and" and "d". In sum, "id" is obtained, and in the plural, "ida". Now you know what ida is, how this term appeared. It's time to find out what it can be used for.

Using the ida

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As it was said earlier, in the "Meincraft" project,They are most often used by server administrators. They monitor what is happening in the game world, control the process, and if they need to add any items, they use a special team to which the object identifier is added, so that it appears at a specific point in the game world in the right amount. However, this is not the only way. The fact is that you can use ida and in a single player game when you want to get any objects and objects. It is absolutely necessary to know the ida if you have the plug-in of the store installed. There you will constantly have to operate with the identification numbers of objects, that is, you will have to learn all the ida. The meaning of the word remember was much simpler, was not it? In fact, from this situation there is a convenient way out, which will be discussed later.

How to remember the ida?

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The value of the id of any subject is impossibleto overestimate, since all objects are important and can be useful at one time or another. Therefore, it can not be said that it is enough for a player to learn a certain set of basic identifiers in order to play calmly later. Especially if he is an administrator. However, hardly anyone will be able to remember all the idas, since there are a lot of items in the "Maincrafter". But from this situation there is a very convenient and practical way out - the fact is that on the network you can always download a special picture, which shows absolutely all the items available in the game, and next to them are signed their ides. If you do not like to work with images, and because you find it difficult to find among all the items you need in a short time, then it's better to use text tables then - they can also be downloaded from reliable sources. Their main advantage is the fact that you can perform a quick search on the names of objects, thereby greatly simplifying your life.

Features of items with identical ides

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Many players can put in a difficultsituation items that have the same ida. Such in the game are present. And you have to deal with them. But there is one small feature about which you definitely need to know. Objects such as wool can be of different colors, but at the same time they retain their ida. Red and green wool differ from each other in color, but both objects remain wool. Therefore, with respect to such items, a proven strategy operates - you need to give a slightly modified format: the main object id / secondary id of the object. Thus, you first write down the identifier of the item itself, and then give it a specific value that can reflect its parameters - color, size, density, and so on.

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