Determine which Windows is better


Many users can not decide for themselves,what operating system should I choose. Before you start to understand what Windows is better, let's analyze the computer or laptop for which the OS is selected. That is, let's look at the technical characteristics and its purpose. After all, the best operating system is not the one that is the newest, but the one that is better than others for a particular device.

which Windows is better

Answering the question about which Windows is better, it is worth highlighting the three main systems that are now popular. This is Windos X Pi ("Piggy"), "Seven", as well as the "Eight".

Let's start with "Piggy". Many still use it. If you ask these users a question about which Windows are better, they will not hesitate to say that this is it. The most stable build is the thirty-two bit professional release "Service Pack 3", which was released in 2008. This version is suitable for any computer, regardless of technical specifications. The only downside is that this system does not support more than four gigabytes of RAM. So if your device has a larger indicator, then it will not work for you.

which Windows 7 is better

Also worth noting is that if your hard drivehas an IDE interface, then everything is fine, and if SATA, you will need to change the settings in the BIOS. In the latter case, you will undergo a periodic blue screen. As for laptops, it is strictly not recommended to install "Piggy" on the devices released after 2009. Practice has shown that in this case, hanging up, the blue screen of "death" and periodic shutdowns will become your constant "companions".

We pass to the Seven. Which is better? The unambiguous answer is the Maximum version. Designed for more modern machines. The interface of the hard drive must be SATA, since the IDE is too old for this system. It can be compared to the steam engine, which is installed on the latest model of the Mercedes. RAM needs at least two gigabytes. Thirty-two cue takes about 1 GB, and sixty-four bit requires almost 2 GB. But beyond that, you must also have memory for the work of other programs. For new laptops - this will be an excellent option. So do not think about which Windows 7 is better, and put the maximum release on such devices.

which Windows 7 is better

I would like to say a few words about Windows 8. To date, it is a fairly successful creation of Microsoft. If you need a decent system for a tablet, then this is what you need. It is also worth noting that the "Eight" is much faster than all the above platforms. Under its control, the computer quickly starts up and turns off even faster. But on laptops you have to get used to the new interface and functions. As for the digit capacity, then everything is the same as with the "Seven". The thirty-two-bit version supports up to four gigabytes of RAM. If you have more RAM, then install the 64-bit version.

That's all I wanted to tell you about modern operating systems. I hope you found the answer to the question: "Which is better?".

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