Statuses about the child and happiness: beautiful phrases for social networks


The joy of being a parent is probably one ofbasic in human life. With the birth of a child, not only its new stage begins, but its quality also significantly changes. Someone complains about the lack of free time, someone - for the emergence of new worries. But everyone agrees in one opinion - all difficulties fully pay off with the joy of communicating with their baby. The article deals with the status of the child and happiness. With their help you can share with others your thoughts and experiences.

statuses about the child and happiness

Statuses about the child and happiness with meaning

  • "I know how my happiness looks, I know its weight, height and color of eyes."
  • "In the presence of a child, we are all much better than usual."
  • "Life seems a little easier and more joyful when you look at the baby's smile."
  • "The only cry you are looking forward to is the first one after the birth of your child."
  • "With the birth of a toddler, a woman transforms: she not only becomes more beautiful, but also shines with an unknown beautiful light."
  • "Childhood is happy, because it does not think about happiness."
  • "Every adult, even though sometimes, but dreams of plunging into childhood again, and only after the birth of his baby does he manage it."
  • "There is one gift that you always carry with you in your heart - a child."

Beautiful statuses about children and happiness

  • "There was no peace, time, order, silence ... And there was happiness."
  • "The only first date, which always ends with love until the end of life - the birth of a child."
  • "Let the only sadness after the birth of your children is their growing up."
  • "The happiness of parents directly depends on the happiness of their children."
  • "What small problems become, how insults and disappointments of the past are insignificant, when there is happiness - your child."
  • "When a person can be happier than when holding a small copy of himself?".

Statuses about the child and happiness - this is love, enclosed in a couple of lines.

statuses about family and happiness and children

Funny statuses about the joy of paternity

Statuses about the child and happiness are most often understood by all parents. After all, they are experiencing similar situations, which fill life with genuine joy and meaning.

  • "It's not for nothing that they say that children are flowers, and they can not do without a pot."
  • "Does the happiness of the child increase with the number of its toys?".
  • "Do you want to learn how to plan your time? Start a child! Everything, now your time is subordinated to his routine."
  • "With the birth of a baby, parents become superheroes: they can walk silently, see in the dark and sleep for 3 hours a day."
  • "The truth is that not all male rascals, only the mothers of sons know."
  • "The logic of the mother is amazing: when the children are at home, she dreams of resting, and when they leave, they do not find a place and are waiting for the return."
  • "When a child has a grandmother, all parents do not care."
  • "Do not want to leak information - do not send children for the summer to your grandparents."

Original short statuses about children

  • "A kid's smile is" thank you "for my mother."
  • "A joyful, aching feeling in the chest is the pride of your child."
  • "The duties of every self-respecting kid - decorate the wall with felt-tip pens and the life of parents in bright colors".
  • "The more love you invest in a child, the greater happiness he brings to the home."
  • "In the baby - the best features of parents."
  • "In a house where children are happy, even cockroaches run happier."
  • "The internal purity of the child should not be affected by the mood of the parents."
  • "Do not worry that children do not obey, they will still imitate you properly."
  • "Children have their own vision and thinking, you do not need to replace it with yours."
  • "Only children can teach us to live the present, because they are joyful every day, although they do not know either the past or the future."

beautiful statuses about children and happiness

Statuses about the family, and happiness, and children - the mostwarm from all existing. They can not only be left on the pages of social networks, but also to keep records, diaries and albums that will preserve the memory of the happiest days in life.

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