Ilya Segalovich is a great co-founder of Runet


Many specialists have been engaged for a long timedevelopment of the Russian-speaking sector of the Internet, but Ilya Valentinovich Segalovich made a special contribution to this business. It was he, together with his friend, who founded the search company Yandex. This event was preceded by a careful study of the existing algorithms for selecting information and their subsequent modernization.

Ilya Segalovich: biography

A famous programmer was born in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, and it happened on September 13, 1964.

Ilya Segalovich

In 1981, he began training at the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute at the Faculty of Geophysics.

Four years after graduation Ilya becamework in the company "Arcadia". In it, he served as the head of the software group. It is worth mentioning that the company itself specialized in developing applications for the implementation of a full-fledged morphological search for textual information.

In the 90 years Ilya together with his classmateand the other, Arkady Volzh, started creating a technology for searching unstructured data. It was decided to call this method "Yandex". In a couple of years, the same company was founded by the same guys.

Ilya Segalovich biography

Until 2000, Ilya Segalovich worked as the head of the search systems department at CompTek International.

In 1997, Ilya together with his wife founded the rehabilitation art center "Children of Mary". The purpose of his organization was to provide social assistance to disabled children and orphans.

2003 was marked for the programmer by the transition to the position of the technical director of "Yandex".

In 2011, the co-founder of the search company took an active part in the social movement against the falsification of the results of the election process.

On July 25, 2013, the firstnews about the death of Ilya Segalovich. A few hours later, the media reported that the man is in a coma, and the activity of his body is supported by an artificial life support system.

On July 27, a public figure was finally disconnected from the apparatus and recorded the fact of death.


The founder of "Yandex" Ilya Segalovich was married toartist Maria Eliseeva, who founded a tradition in their family to help needy children. It all started with the fact that a woman invited a group of people to perform at a metropolitan boarding school: an activist, a clown Patch Adams and a doctor from America. Then in the organization of such meetings, friends and a beloved husband began to help her.

Already in 1993, an art studio was opened for children with disabilities and orphans, which in the future turned into a well-known rehabilitation center.

ilja segalovich cause of death

Ilya Segalovich not only replaced his wife as head of the charity organization "Children of Mary", but also actively took part in the performances.

At first he arranged children's holidays in shelters, then purposefully worked for the benefit of orphans from his wife's art studio.

Ilya Segalovich is not only a leading programmer,but also a volunteer of the company "Yandex". Since 2006, the company's employees have made visits to orphanages and traditional shelters. They visited not only children in the capital, but also traveled to different Russian cities.

Rules of work from a professional

Ilya Segalovich believed that nothing should be donewithout feeling rushed, otherwise you just can not come to the finish line first. Yes, and the second is unlikely to be, if you do not have the feeling that the work needs to be done right here and now.

He was never afraid to hire people smarter than himself. The programmer did not consider himself a great genius, and this allowed him not to relax.

Yandex founder Ilya Segalovich

A person can be smart, but that does not mean that he will never make a mistake. Nonsense can even be done by a recognized genius. It is important only in time to realize the error and recognize it.

Ilya Segalovich: the cause of death

On July 25, 2013, Ilya Segalovich's brain died. He was immediately connected to the device for artificial life support.

Later it turned out that the co-founder of Yandex fell into a coma. After that he spent almost three days.

In the fall of 2012 Segalovich was diagnosed withterminal gastric cancer with metastases. The passed chemotherapy course helped Ilya continue to conduct active activities. For him, a good doctor was found who was able to select the right medicines, and the programmer's body was very sensitive to chemistry. Ilya Segalovich literally came to life.

But it turned out that the cancer spread to the shell of the brain. And just a couple of days, he just "burned out."

So the founder of the company "Yandex" passed away.

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