Quick installation of the Joomla template


Free engine for creating sites thatis Joomla, has long found a lot of fans. This is easy to explain, since a novice user does not need to particularly delve into programming languages, but just install the CMS (Content Management System) and select any template you like.

installing the joomla template

Naturally, this makes the issue ofhow the Joomla template is installed. At once it should be noted that this process is very simple and should not cause difficulties even for a novice user. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the results of someone else's work by getting a beautiful website to manage, which just needs to be filled with content of the chosen topic.

There are two main ways, with the help ofwhich you can customize the appearance of the appearance in Joomla. Templates are installed in the first way automatically using the functions of the administrator console, and the second one is done manually through copying data from the Quickstart folder.

installing joomla templates

Automatic installation is the easiest andin a fast way. In order to enter the administration panel, you need to add the word "administrator" to the address in the browser's line. In the opened window it is necessary to enter the user's login and password, after which the user will enter the site management system. Further all is simple.

Joomla template installation is done through the menu"Extensions", where you need to select "Extension Manager". In the window that opens, activate the "Download and install" option, after which it only remains to specify the address to the selected theme of the site design.

Once the template is loaded, you will need toactivate it. To do this, re-enter the "Extensions" and run the "Template Manager". In the opened list of topics, select the desired one and click "Use by default". It should be noted that template names can not be matched. If you try to install a new one whose name coincides with the one already available, the CMS will display an error message and the installation will be interrupted.

The manual method by whichinstalling the Joomla template will take longer. To start, you should download and unzip the theme you like. To continue the work, you need only one folder - Quickstart. It is very important that it does not contain nested archives, all data must be unpacked, otherwise the installation may fail.

joomla installing templates

Further, taking advantage of any convenientFTP client, download the contents of this folder to the root directory of the site. After uploading to the server, enter the site address in the browser. This will lead to the opening of the settings menu, where you will need to fill in the fields with login, password, e-mail, etc. Thus, the installation of the Joomla template will be completed. Next, you can go to adminpanel and proceed with setting up and design of the selected topic. However, you first need to remove the "Installation" section from the site folder.

Of course, to create a good functionalsite will need to make a lot of effort, since installing the Joomla template is only the first important step, then you need to adapt it, configure the necessary modules, and so on.

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