How do I remove Vkontakte subscribers? Simple tips for users of popular social networks


Every day, users are popular in RuNetsotsseti "Vkontakte" is becoming more and more - more recently the number of questionnaires created on this resource has exceeded one hundred forty million. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that this site is constantly evolving and its functionality is growing with new opportunities. Some time ago, users of Vkontakte "had the opportunity not only to" make friends ", but also to" subscribe "to the pages of other users. From this article, you will learn how to delete the subscribers of your questionnaire and what other possibilities have appeared with the introduction of this function.

Over time, some users of Vkontakte(especially with regard to the questionnaires of celebrities and various famous personalities) a huge number of friends have appeared, sometimes exceeding several thousand. Because of this, it was rather inconvenient to view updates, search for certain questionnaires and communicate with your "real" friends. It was at this point that Vkontakte developers pleased the users of this social network with the original solution - now any application to "friends" can be translated into "subscriber" status. The difference between a subscriber and an ordinary friend is that you do not have to see his posts in the news line, while he can track all your information like an ordinary "friend" (more precisely, the part that you did not limit the privacy settings).

Now that you know the purpose of thisfunction, you can move on to another issue, which is of concern to many users of Vkontakte, how to delete subscribers of their page? The easiest way is to go to your page, select the item "My subscribers" and click on it. In the window that opens, just point to the icon of a user, in order to have a cross in the upper right corner. As you probably already guessed, when you click on it, the selected profile will be removed from the list, and thus you can delete the subscribers of your page. The advantage of this method is that this user will be transferred to the "Black list" and can no longer bother you with offers of friendship, messages and comments.

Another way is that you canedit your "Black list" through the settings of the questionnaire "Vkontakte". Subscribers that you do not need, after simple manipulations with the settings fall into the same list as in the first method, and stop annoying you.

Now that you know how to delete subscribersyour page, let's figure out how to become a subscriber to someone else's questionnaire. If you send someone an application to "friends", then until the person does not accept this application, you automatically subscribe to its updates. When reviewing an application, your potential friend decides whether to leave you as a subscriber or as a friend.

As already mentioned above, having the statussubscriber, you will be able to get acquainted with all the news of the user who will not be limited by the privacy settings, while this user will be able to view your updates only if they wish. Therefore, before removing the subscribers of your page, once again look at them. Perhaps, in this list will be someone from your old friends who accidentally found your profile and decided to "make friends" with you.

There is another way to get rid of annoyingsubscriber. To do this, go to its page, and then select the "Block". This person will automatically get into your "Black list", from which it can be "extracted" in sixty minutes. After this, the user will no longer be able to subscribe to your updates.

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