The easiest programming language for beginners


If you dream of a programmer's career and onlybegin to learn programming, you might want to find the easiest language. This is a programming language that is quickly learned and applied.

But do not try to go with this question to the forumsprogrammers or to friends. Usually a person who already knows how to write code, believes that the easiest language is the one with which he works. And if he has several programming languages ​​- the one he learned first. Again, all people are arranged differently, and what one finds easy and understandable, the other can not master at all.

the easiest language

So which language is the easiest? In order to simply learn, recommend Pascal or one of the languages ​​of the Basic family. Pascal will inject you with "correct manners" in programming, he will learn to write structured programs and always declare types of variables. In time, when you learn, you will make fewer mistakes when writing code in any other languages. Basic even translates as "easy" or "for beginners", but on it you hardly can write anything really serious.

Not all beginners know that in order tolearn to program, not enough to learn any language or even several languages. It is necessary to be able to make algorithms, solve application problems, work with data sets. To learn all these things and you need your first language. And for training to be effective, algorithms should be built not on individual examples from the problem book, but on some small program. It is usually recommended to write a Tetris or a word processor from scratch.

easiest programming language

But what if you not only want to somedaybecome a programmer, and already dream of some specific application of this skill? Then do not look for the easiest language. It is better to pay attention to the most suitable, otherwise you just risk losing time. Applications for the Web are written in PHP and Java, Delphi is ideal for working with databases, and in C ++ you can write anything now.

Very often the easiest programming languageseek out novice game developers - lay people in writing games. If you just want to make a small casual game, any language will do. For office games, learn Flash - it's also pretty simple. And if you dream of creating add-ons and making popular games popular, you can not do without C ++.

which language is the easiest

Having decided what is the most suitable orThe easiest language you decided to choose for a start, do not forget about the textbooks. Here it is time to go to the familiar professionals. Those will prompt good textbooks. After all, sometimes even simple things can be made arhislozhnymi because of improper feed and vice versa. Writing code and solving problems on algorithmization should bring pleasure, only in this way you will be able to master programming in the shortest time and not to lose motivation on the way.

In conclusion, we say that majority operatorsmodern programming languages ​​are named in English. Therefore, for those coders, who even know a little English, it will be easier and quicker to remember their name and principles of work.

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