How in the "Tanks" online to call Gold? Cheat code to call Gold in the "Tanks" online


The game "Tanks" at the moment is one of themost popular around the world. Daily there are tens of millions of battles between different teams and ordinary users who have not yet joined the clan or just like to fight alone. Every day new participants come to the project, who have a lot of different questions. To play "Tanks" online is really very interesting, and for sure many of us will support this. The project has a special currency, and now there are even a few. For example, you can pay attention to the crystals. If you do not have them, then in the "Tanks" online play will be completely not interesting. These crystals in the game are called Gold. This is an incredibly useful resource. If you are new to this game, then you should know how to call Gold online in Tanks. After all, with the help of this currency you can improve your combat vehicles or buy new ones.


as in online tanks cause gold
Few know that Gold can be obtained,opening various boxes that will come across in your path as the plot develops. Also, the developers of this game have provided many nuances. If you do not want to collect Gold for a long time, then you can buy this resource for real money. Of course, I do not really want to invest my own money, so professional players are engaged in the production of this virtual currency. If you also do not want to spend money, then you definitely need to find out how this procedure is done. There is one more option not recommended for solving the problem, how to call Gold in the "Tanks" online. The code can help in this. However, this solution has a significant drawback. Many users already know from their own experience that by using additional codes and cheats you can get an account lockout, and accordingly, time will be spent on the game in vain.


as in online tanks to cause a gold cheat
Let us now, in practice, consider the question of howin "Tanks" online to call Gold, whether it is possible and how safe. Naturally, most of the players do not believe in such decisions, but there are some nuances about which we will just talk today. In fact, there is no such possibility - to want a certain number of crystals and immediately make them appear. A similar phenomenon happens only in fairy tales. In order to receive crystals, you should act very carefully and carefully, and only in this case you can achieve the desired result. Stones in the "Tanks" online drop out strictly in a certain order. When the resources begin to appear with a value of 700-2100, then you can expect a large amount to fall out. If you wish, you can also risk and try to illegally solve the problem, as in "Tanks" online call Gold. Chit for such purposes exists. But again, we will repeat that you will perform such an action at your own risk, in the worst case your account will be banned.


Also an important point is that on eachthe crystals drop out in different places. It is worth paying attention to where the wind blows, which can easily change the place of the fall, and this kindness will be raised by some other player. In order to decide how to call Gold online, you can go to the place on the map where you regularly collect the crystals, after which you should expect some time.


how to call gold in tanks online code
What else does the new player need to know?"Tanks" online about the loss of crystals. I would like to note that the Gold emission may not be made at the 700 mark, but this process can start at 750, so do not panic at once. You should continue the game further and after a while the boxes will begin to fall. Now you know how to call Gold in the Tanks online.

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