How to export a spreadsheet from Excel to PDF


Today, the PDF format has become so universalfor viewing, editing, forwarding and publishing on the Internet, that it converts not only text or graphic files, but also entire spreadsheets or databases. Let's see how to export table data from Excel to PDF. This is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.

How to save Excel to PDF: the simplest method

In the office suite from Microsoft 2010 and abovethe ability to instantly export any type of supported documents is provided initially. However, not every user knows where to find this function.

from excel to pdf

In our case, everything is simple. In the program itself, the open file is exported from Excel to PDF using the standard "Save as ..." command from the main menu's file menu. It is enough to expand a string of the type of the file to be saved, as a list with all supported formats appears before us. As you already know, from it you need to select the PDF type, then just save it under the desired name.

Installing an additional plug-in

If the version of the office package such conversionsdoes not support, the limitation can be circumvented by using the special add-on (plug-in) called Save As PDF and XPS, which can be downloaded completely free of charge from the Microsoft website.

how to save excel to pdf

After that, in the main menu there will be a special field "Create PDF / XPS" in the "Save send ..." section. It remains to choose the desired format and name.

By the way, for convenience of work in both cases, you can use additional export options, which allow you to save the entire table, individual sheets or selected ranges of cells.

How to convert files from Excel to PDF

If the user does not like the above-described simple methods, you can use standard file format converters, for example, XLSX to PDF Converter, Standard Converter, etc.

from excel to pdf

As in many programs of this type, the principleThe job is to open the initial table file, select the location of the resulting PDF file (if it is not installed by default), and then start the conversion process. It's impossible to change the export settings from Excel to PDF. The file is converted as a whole.

Do not like this method? Today, there are a huge number of online services that provide services for converting formats. On such a site you need to upload your file, activate the process, and save the result to your computer. But this is the way, so to speak, for the most lazy, and even this time it takes much more than direct export from an Excel office application.

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