SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION failed: Windows Error 10 and how to fix it


Users of the tenth version of Windows very oftenthey encounter a software failure in the form of a blue screen with the description SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. An error of this type is not particularly critical, although it entails a lot of trouble. What is the reason for its appearance and how to eliminate such a malfunction, now we'll see.

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION: The error and reasons for its occurrence

First, let's look at the nature of the failure itself. In scientific terms, the problem arises at a time when the system goes from processing non-privileged code to privileged code, sending it to the kernel. If to explain more simply, failure means simultaneous cross-processing of commands related to the management of system components (usually device drivers).

system service exception error

However, among the main reasons for the appearance of this malfunction are the following factors:

  • Conflict, obsolescence or lack of driver / drivers for the video card, especially if there are several adapters (error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (netio.sys or AxtuDrv.sys)).
  • Infection of the system with viruses.
  • Errors on the disk.
  • Problems with RAM.

Based on the reasons for this problem, you can proceed with its elimination. Consider the most common methods available to each user.

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error: the simplest fixing method

It is believed that when such a problem arises, the most logical and simple solution is to roll back the system to its previous state.

error system service exception windows 10

For this, if the input is possible without appearingblue screen, you should use the System Restore section in the standard "Control Panel". If full load is not possible, you should try to start it in safe mode and roll back from there. If a spontaneous reboot occurs all the time, you can forcibly shut down your computer or laptop several times, so that in the future the system initiates the start of the recovery process. If this does not work and the fault appears again (error code SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION 0x0000003B), you will have to take drastic measures.

Virus scan

As already mentioned, one of the reasons may be the impact of viruses, so first of all you need to check the system for their availability.

error system service exception windows

It is clear that if you can not boot Windowsa regular scanner will not help. In this case, you should use disk programs like Kaspersky Rescue Disk, previously in BIOS settings, setting the priority of boot from the optical media or flash drive.

Troubleshoot driver problems

But when there is a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error (Windows 10), most often the problem is fixed by reinstalling or updating from the drivers.

error system service exception netio sys

First of all, if the download is in normal orsafe mode is normal, and the error only occurs after a while, you should go to "Device Manager" and update the driver of the video card. The best option is to completely remove it and then install it from scratch. Also (if possible), you can install a special program for automatic update drivers. You can download the driver from the Internet and manually, and then place it - depending on the system capacity - either in the Drivers folder or in the SysWOW64 directory that are located in the main Windows directory.

error code system service exception

Another point related to the failureSYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. An error even with updated drivers may appear due to the lack of an update of the operating system itself. In this case, you should install all updates, including those that are marked as optional.

Checking the hard drive for errors

Error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (Windows 10) can also occur if the hard drive has software problems or damaged system files.

system service exception error

In this situation with normal boot, and if that is not possible, then from the boot disk like LiveCD, you should call the command line and write the following lines:

  • To test the disk - chkdsk c: / f.
  • To scan the integrity of system files, sfc / scannow.

Scanning the RAM

And one more unpleasant situation, connected with the failure SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. An error can occur when there are irregularities in the operation of the memory slots.

error system service exception windows 10

To test it, you can first usea small but very effective program Memtest86 +. In case of problems, it is necessary to take out the strips one after another and each time to overload the system, checking its operation. Once the functionality is stabilized, this will be a signal that the bad bar should be replaced.

Instead of the total

So, among all that was described above,The most common problem is the incorrect operation of graphics drivers. If there are two video cards in the system, you may be able to fix the problem by deleting one of them. If the second adapter is still needed, it is better to select the appropriate drivers for it.

However, about viruses, hard drive errors and problemswith RAM also need not be forgotten. However, if you fix the problem consistently, it is best to apply the order that was described above. If none of the methods help, it is very likely that the problem is purely technical (physical damage to the iron). In this case, the failed devices will have to be changed to new ones.

error system service exception windows

But this is, of course, far from all possiblesituation, but only the most common. In each case, you first need to identify the true cause of the failure, and only then decide whether to fix the problem in one way or another. Specific solutions for this problem have not been specially mentioned here, since it will be problematic for an ordinary user to understand them. But the methods presented allow you to get rid of the error on your own, without resorting to the help of specialists from outside or all kinds of service centers.

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