How to remove a password from a computer: tips for users


It happens that when you do not use the phone for a long timeor the computer on which the password is set, it is simply forgotten. What to do in this situation? How to remove the password from the computer without remembering it? You will find out about this and many other things by reading this article up to the end.

how to remove a password from your computer

How to remove the password from the computer?

Let's take a simple look at the codeaccess is known to us, and we just want to get rid of it if we are already tired of typing the same combination of symbols every time we turn on the PC. So, we turn on the computer, we log into our account. We press "Start", we search for item "Control panel", then "User accounts". In the window that opens, we click on the "Delete your password" line, enter it for confirmation and end the process by clicking on the "Delete" button. It's so easy to get rid of code when you know it.

How to remove the password from the computer, if it is for some reason forgotten?

how to rip open a computer

Here it will be a little more difficult, some skills will be required. Well, nothing, I think you will succeed!


1. Turn on the computer. While it is loading, quickly press F8. You will see a window where you will be offered several options for loading modes.

2. Select "Safe Mode". We are waiting for the download to finish.

3. The operating system prompts you to log in as Administrator. Here you do not need to enter a password.

4. Now we act according to the same scheme: go to the Start menu, search for the "Control Panel" item, click on it and click "User Accounts". Here you need to select the entry whose password you want to delete.

5. Select "Delete Password" in the open window, and then confirm the operation.

6. You can now restart the computer. Login password is no longer required!

Rollback of the "Windows 7" system (Windows 7).

In addition to the method, how to remove the password from the computer,I want to share with you and the way to restore the system. Sometimes due to new installed programs or malicious viruses, the PC starts to "slow down". It is in these cases that such a useful action as the restoration of the system comes to our aid. After it is carried out, the PC returns to the working state that it had before installing new applications, which caused problems. So, what do you need to do for this?

rollback of the windows system 7

1. Start Menu, then "Control Panel" and the "System" line. Now, in the window that appears on the left, select the line "Additional system parameters".

2. Click on the tab, where it says "System Protection", then "Restore".

3. You will see a window where you need to click the "Next" button. Now, note the restore point that interests us (they are usually created automatically). Then click "Next" and confirm your actions by clicking "Finish".

4. Another window with a request will appear on the monitor, there you need to click on the "Yes" button. After a few minutes the system will be restored. Then you can see the report about the performed actions.

Well, now you know how to rip off the computer, if suddenly the code for some reason is forgotten. And also with ease you will be able to return your PC to its previous working state by restoring the system.

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